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A girls’ night out for a pole dance workshop at her friend’s upscale sex club takes a wild turn for normally timid Karen. She knew what to expect, but not how far she’d be willing to go.
Rob comes to Desire After Dark as a plus one. His only expectation is visual stimulation, not participation. But that soon changes when he spots the buttoned-up-to-there beauty hanging around on the sidelines.
Thrown together, Karen and Rob find the sexual heat between them undeniable. Surrounded by twosomes and moresomes, they step on an unexpected and steamy path. But when another joins in, they have a plus one of their own. 

“Holy fuck,” Rob murmured against the mouth of the beer bottle.
“So, what do you think?” Wendy leaned in to him and whispered.
“Fucking amazing.” He glanced down at her, his eyes zeroing in on her huge boobs cradled in some sheer fabric that pretended to be a bikini top. He tried not to look like a guy who had never seen tits before.
She laughed and slipped her arm through his, pressing those magnificent breasts against his biceps. “I knew you would like it. So. What do you want to do?”

Steve wasn’t sure how finding a match on a dating site could have gone so wrong—or was it so right? Younger than him by ten years, Clare exudes confidence, sexuality and an erotic allure that leaves no room for misinterpretation. She wants him. And he wants nothing more than to bury himself in her heat. But Clare comes with some baggage. Literally. Once his predatory minx breaks open the suitcase and the toys come out, Steve knows he’s in for the wildest ride of his life.

She moaned and so did he, right along with her. Clare plucked her nipple through the light fabric. He wanted to brush her hand away and do it for her, but hesitated, waiting to see what would come next. She was unpredictable and he liked the surprises that came at him. Steve was captivated watching her play with her tit and his arousal fired up with every moan and breathy sigh she made. He forgot her other hand was so close to his cock and when she cupped him he jumped like a cat but didn’t look away from the show she put on for him. Her hand inched to the neckline of her top and pulled it down until the edge of her bra showed, and then she curled her fingers and pulled the cup aside to expose the dusky peak of her nipple.

Jenna takes a big risk and decides to live in the moment. After months of communication by social media, she accepts an invitation to Colorado where she finally meets her cowboy. Burned by past romances, Jenna is determined to move on and goes with one goal in mind—a booty call with a tall, dark, sexy cowboy.Chet is a romantic at heart and when Jenna arrives, he knows there’s more to her than a pretty face and a hot body. A casual fling won’t do. He’s smitten and decides to woo her the old-fashioned way with time and patience. And of course, hot sex.Their chemistry is elemental and they come together with heat that sears the snowy peaks. When Mother Nature steps in, Jenna is forced to face the feelings she’s tried so hard to keep buried and Chet has to draw on his mountain skills to save the woman he has come to love.                                               

His arms held her with a power that made her whimper and when his hands slipped to her ass her legs trembled. Chet’s fingers splayed over her cheeks and pressed her flush up to him, leaving no question of his intentions by the press of his erection intimately against her. She was assaulted on all levels. His lips, her breasts crushed against his powerful chest, the press of his thighs to hers, his heat and his cock so evidently ready for her and she thrilled with delight.
The kiss didn’t stop and she lost track of space and time. All Jenna saw behind her closed lids was the cliché of shooting stars and feeling as if the earth moved. She clung to Chet for dear life and to prolong the exquisite agony of not being close enough.

Cristal's Bio:
Cristal read her first romance at age twelve. Taylor Caldwell introduced her to passion and romance that fueled a craving to read anything she could get her hands on.
Cristal wrote her first story at fifteen, and spent many hours escaping into worlds she created on the walk to and from high school with her friends.
Cristal lives in a small Canadian town, is a single mom of two college aged sons. Along with her writing, Cristal works full time, loves horses, the outdoors and will jet off at any given opportunity to see the world.
Cristal is multi-published with Ellora's Cave, Sybarite Seductions and Lyrical Press

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