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BTB-Aleah Barley Leaving Las Vegas Author Spotlight & Giveaway!!

Welcome to For Whom The Books Toll. Today is my stop on the Buy The Book Tours Aleah Barley Leaving Las Vegas Author Spotlight and Giveaway. Have fun and good luck to everyone who enters the rafflecopter for a chance to win.

Leaving Las Vegas Blog Tour Stop Eleven: Down by the River!

Wow, it’s been two weeks. I almost can’t believe it. If you’ve been following along, you probably know that I’ve been touring the country visiting all of the places where my characters went in the rip-roaring road trip romance Leaving Las Vegas. Of course, I hadn’t counted on my characters tagging along.
Luke’s driving now. My hero’s tall, dark, and confident behind the wheel of his classic mustang. Glory’s sitting next to him in the passenger seat. Their hands are entwined between them. Old school rock and roll is playing low on the radio.
“Are we lost?” I ask. This is the last stop, and I don’t want to be late. It’s not the last setting in the book—but I’ve got to save something for the upcoming Spotlight tour!
“Nope,” Luke says. His voice is fierce, confident, no-nonsense. He spins the wheel and the car takes off down a narrow dirt rut. A mile later we pass through a break in the trees and—
It really is beautiful. I’m a water whore. A river skank. And a puddle slut. I’ll swim in anything as long as it’s wet. This river is gorgeous. The waterfall. The stones spraypainted with the names of past lovers who have enjoyed the privacy of this lover’s lane before. The water is rushing, clear and gorgeous.
And standing on the bank are all our friends. After all, a romance might be about two people—a man and a woman falling head over heels in love—but it falls apart without a supporting cast.
The Mustang pulls to a stop, and we get out.
Glory hugs her sisters’ both of them have made it for the occasion. Her cousin Benji has made it down—he’s brought some of his home made fireworks—as have more than a dozen other people from her wild West Virginia home.
Luke kisses his mother on the forehead. He shakes the hand of men and woman who he knows from Las Vegas before slapping Benji on the back. They head off to set up the explosives.
I get a hug from various family members and friends—my publicist and my editor are both here!—before sliding into the warm embrace of my own super sexy leading man. I give him a kiss. “You made it.”
“Wouldn’t miss this for the world.”
There are grills set up beside the cars and the barbecue is already going. Kids splash excitedly in the water. Someone passes a cooler full of drinks, and someone else brings out the bowls full of sides.
Pasta salad. Potato salad. Salad-salad.
My publicist is mixing the mai-tais. Makena is making margaritas.
We all dig in and start to enjoy. As the sun sets on the riverbend, the fireworks start. Every color under the sun—except blue—dancing overhead.
“Fire in the sky,” I murmur and my boyfriend laughs. He squeezes me tight.
“Fire in the sky,” he agrees.

What about you? What do you like to see in a romance novel? A man, a woman, stuck on a desert island without any friends or family? Or is your perfect romance an ensemble? Do you have any favorite best friends from books you’ve read?

Title: Leaving Las Vegas
Author: Aleah Barley
Publisher: Entangled Publishing-Ignite Imprint
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: October 28, 2013

When West Virginia wild-child Glory Allen gets caught in the middle of a kidnapping attempt, she has to decide if rescuing the sexy Luke Tanner is worth risking her life. Especially after the high and mighty casino magnate just accused her of cheating in his casino.

Her decision to help, causes Luke to step into her hometown to develop a community that doesn’t need improvement—a community Glory’s gambling earnings were meant to save—and Glory can’t help but question her judgment, because the chemistry between them is about to explode, and it has nothing to do with the Vegas thugs hot on their trail.

Now Glory is stuck helping Luke figure out who set him up and what to do about their own burning attraction…before Glory’s hometown, and her life, are lost for good.

She flushed and shifted into fourth. She’d never fantasized about a man with green eyes before. Her ex-fiancĂ©’s eyes had been pale blue, the color like well-worn jeans on a clothesline. The only man she could think of with green eyes was sitting right next to her.

But it wasn’t just the eyes. The fantasy man currently in her mind had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and an expensive jacket.

Luke had strong lips, capable hands, and emerald eyes. He was a damn good-looking man, and his suit had to be custom. It made him look like one of the models printed in the magazines at Daisy’s Clip and Curl. But that was no reason for her body to mistake adrenaline for lust. What did she know about the man, anyway? He was rich, gorgeous, and sharp enough to see through her poker tactics. If he could fix her plumbing, survive her sisters, and make her laugh, then he’d be perfect.

No one was perfect.

Besides, Luke had a great big stick up his butt. He wouldn’t be caught dead in Beaux. Not for a visit. Not forever.

“I think they’re gone,” Luke commented.

He adjusted his position, and his hand brushed against her leg. She tingled in a rush of sexual heat. He might have a stick up his rear, but it was a mighty fine rear.

“Pull over and stop the car,” he said. “It’s time we got you a different ride.”

The tingle fizzed out. Obviously he didn’t feel the same way about her as she did about him.

“It’s my car, remember?” They might be free of the bad guys, but she had miles to drive before she slept. Even if she didn’t have the money—she gulped a deep breath—she still needed to get back to West Virginia. Fast. Maybe she’d think of a way to get more money on the drive. She could mortgage her diner—ten times over—or just go the easy route and sell a kidney. “You gave it to me. You can’t take it back from me after I rescued you.”

“I’m grateful for your assistance.” The words came out through Luke’s clenched teeth.

“I can tell.”

“I’m not telling you to get out of the car because I’m a jerk,” he said. “I’m trying to save your life. Even in Las Vegas, an Aston Martin Vanquish draws attention.”

Glory looked in the rearview mirror. Two black SUVs were rapidly approaching. Her heart pounded. “Hell.” She gestured to the rear window. “No stopping now. We need to get out of here.”

Luke turned his head, taking in the bad guys.A quick punch of the accelerator. “Hold on.”Forty-five miles an hour.Fifty.


Too late.

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Author Bio:
Aleah Barley is an author of funny (she hopes) contemporary romances. After recently moving to Detroit, she discovered that the rumors are true: it is a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of abandoned buildings, zombies, and hipster coffee shops that don’t open before nine in the morning. It’s also a great place to live.



She spends her days working hard to make the world a better place and her nights writing about kick-ass women who live life to the fullest and the men who love them.

She’ll do anything for a box of chocolates. Or ice cream. Seriously. Try her.

Contact Aleah:


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