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CBP--Wendy Jay Treasured Series Blog Tour

I'd like to welcome Wendy Jay to For Whom The Books Toll. Wendy is giving away 1 (one) set of e-books and 5 (five) sets of rack cards. That's 6 winners!!!! Just fill out the rafflecopter to enter. Good luck to everyone.

Title: Another Man's Treasure and Undiscovered Treasure
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Flame rating: Scorching

Jude Delaney…A dark haired Adonis with a slightly kinky side. He fell in love with a red haired beauty in high school, only to have her torn from him and sent away. Miranda, his first love…his only love.

Ross Guthrie…A tall, sexy man who carries a gun. Jude’s best friend from college. More brother than friend. Ross now works for the FBI and his assignment sends him to Jude’s hometown…to protect Miranda.

Miranda Jones…A sassy red-head. She takes charge of her life and runs from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Hank Castile. Leaving California behind, Miranda moves back home…and right into Jude’s loving arms.

Two best friends…Both determined to protect this woman at all costs. Will Jude and Ross have what it takes to save Miranda from Hank Castile…the man who abused her and now wants her dead?

"Your study is quite unusual."
"Thee are times I work from home, so I like my environment to be comfortable. That stuffy office is a bit too sterile for my taste. Please, Miranda, sit and make yourself comfortable. There is fruit and cheese for us to enjoy and chilled champagne if you wish."
"This is all quite, shall I say, romantic," she said coyly as she sat down at one end of the sofa. She knew full well that he was up to, and admittedly, she want the same. I am going to lose it if he so much as touches me.
Jude stirred the fire a bit, added a log and sat down next to her so closely that she could feel the heat from his body.
"I am glad you find it so romantic, Miranda. You see, I plan to seduce you tonight. I have planned this night from the first time I saw you stretching in your driveway."
Jude slowly brushed his hand against her cheek then ran his hand through her hair. He grabbed a handful and pulled her face close to his. Jude whispered against her lips.
"Miranda, I want to fuck you tonight...hard. How does that make you feel?"
Miranda tried to pull back, but Jude had a firm grip on her hair. He snaked his other hand around her and placed it on the small of her back.

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Undiscovered Treasure is book 2...the sequel to Another Man's Treasure. Jude fights against the odds to protect his one and only love, Miranda. His best friend Ross is there to help and finds his heart in a turmoil over the beautiful Francine. Journey with them through the good and bad times. Is luck on their side for happiness?

*This book is a continuing story and not a stand alone. Adult themes and language.

Ross lifted her chin once again and this time kissed her hard. His hand gravitated up her body and rested on her breast. Francine moaned against his mouth as their tongues tasted each other. She could feel his erection grow and press against her. She reached her hand down and rubbed it through his jeans. Ross groaned deep in his throat and lifted his lips from their kiss enough to speak.

“Jesus, Frannie, I want you so fucking bad.”

“Let’s go back to my apartment.”

“With your parents downstairs? Not happening. I passed the parent test earlier. That would ruin my reputation of being a good guy.”

“Oh my GOD! Are you serious?” Francine started to laugh and couldn’t stop. “I love a guy who can make me laugh!”

“Laughing at me, are you? Let’s see what I can do to correct that.” Ross grabbed Francine around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. She squealed and thrashed, but he held her firm. “Still laughing?”

“I can’t help it! Are you afraid to rob me of my virtue?” Ross slapped her on the ass and laughed. “Ouch! No fair, I can’t fight back.”

“Exactly. Still feel like laughing? You are light as a feather and my hand is barely warmed up.” Francine giggled and tried to cover her mouth so Ross couldn’t hear, but her whole body shook. Ross rubbed her ass in a circle and spanked her again. “How’s that? Still laughing, Frannie? I can stand here and rub your ass all night.”

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I live in Northern NH, in my hometown. I have enjoyed reading and writing since I was a young child and wrote poetry since I can remember. Through my school years, I took every opportunity to take a literature or creative writing class. I worked in finance for 28+ years until Feb. 2012 when the company downsized and I lost my job. The opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of writing a novel came about when a Facebook friend encouraged me to try after reading a couple blurbs I spit out upon being asked some advice! I took my vivid imagination, my gift of words which I attribute to God, and wrote my first novel Another Man's Treasure. Admittedly, I fell in love with my own characters and continued their story with my second novel Undiscovered Treasure.

I write romance/erotica and at some point in the future want to try my hand at paranormal and adventure/action. My biggest inspiration is my sister Jennifer. She has stood behind me all the way and given me so much emotional support. Along with her, I have some amazing friends who I refer to as "my cheerleaders". They keep me motivated along my writing adventure. When I am not writing, I have to admit I am an electronic junkie. If it has a push button, I either have it or want it!


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