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~~Author Wednesday-Gemma K. Murray!~~

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first Author Wednesday of 2015!!! My guest today is a fairly new author, Gemma K. Murray.

Thanks for being here today Gemma.

Please share 5 fun facts about yourself that most people don't know?

What don't people know about me? Hmmm...

1) I seldom drink caffeine...I exist on water to drink.

2) I spent about 3 months on Long Island as a nanny.

3) I love to walk through mud in my bare feet.

4) I have two keys that I've made into a necklace and bracelet. They never leave my body.

5) The name Gemma came from my zodiac sign, Gemini.

What inspired you to become an author?
I felt I had a story to tell, something unique. I am such a biblioholic! I love books, but I had a dream one night about a man who shifted into a phoenix and flew off into
the sky with a man who shifted into a dragon...this was the start of the Cedar River series.

What’s your favorite music?
Any and all! I am as addicted to music as I am to books. Right now, I'm hooked on Hozier and their song, Take me to Church.

Can you tell us about your current book, The Golden Dragon's Treasure?
This is the third book in the Cedar River series. For a few this has been an long anticipated story since they fell in love with Brady Golden in Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart. Due to a few issues, it took over 2 years for me to get it out. I'm just so proud of this book! It is
not only the third book, it is also the first one I've self-published and the first one to be put into print.

What is your hero and heroine like?
Brady,  oh heavens, Brady is something else. He is old-fashioned and a tad bit anal about things. He is a neat freak who loves everything in its place. He also has this HUGE heart that is so full of love. Silver is the opposite end of the spectrum. She is very modern in her way of thinking. She loves living and loving. She is one who tried something repeatedly until she gets it right, she doesn't follow the rules. She is the chaos to Brady's life, a whirling dervish, who has a few self-esteem issues. The similiarity to Brady is that she loves with her whole heart.
What can readers expect next from you?
I have so many things in the works. I am hoping to put out the first Witch Lake book, the fourth and fifth books in the Cedar River series, along with my first BDSM book
in a new series under a different name.

If you were deserted on an island, who or what would you have to have?
My English Mastiff, my best friend, pens and paper, music, and my Diana Gabaldon books.

Fun Questions
Coffee or Tea?
Neither one, strictly a water girl.

Chips or pretzels?
Chips, unless the pretzels are covered in white chocolate.
Mountains or beach?

Favorite color?

Favorite ice cream?
Vanilla though to be specific, New York Style vanilla is the best!

The Golden Dragon’s Treasure (Book 3)

Life in the Upper Peninsula is never boring. The newcomer to Cedar River is welcomed with open arms and she is protected as one of their own. Even though her memory has yet to return, the residents of Cedar River are helping her and her son to settle in. 

Brady Golden is a dragon who loves routine. Being outside makes his job as a guide an easy one. He believes women are meant to be treasured and sex is not something to be taken lightly. 

Silver Larkin is a witch from the town of Witch Lake. Her coven is one of the most powerful covens in the world. She rides into town desperate to find her childhood friend who went missing four years ago and instead, finds something she never thought she'd find: True Love. 

A witch who believes she's incapable of true love and a dragon who is looking for a specific type of woman, two beings who are complete opposites, yet perfect for each other. With danger looming on the edges of Cedar River, can Brady convince Silver that she is The Golden Dragon's Treasure?

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 “So, that’s the hot little witch who’s got you all tied up?” Blaze said as Silver walked away.

I probably should explain a little bit about Blaze. He is the complete opposite of me.
How we ever became friends, I’ll never truly understand. I’m the guy who likes to stay home and keep to myself, Blaze wants to go out and party. I’m a one woman kind of guy. I’ve seen Blaze go through four women in a single night. The phoenix shifter moved to town the summer before our freshman year in high school. Bowie and Brand, the fire chief, spent most of their time in high school as rivals, but Blaze and I had been instant best friends. Mama always compared Blaze and I to the devil and angel you see sitting on the characters’ shoulders in cartoons. Blaze raised his share of hell, but I kept him from raising more than he did.

“Yeah, that’s her,” I said, trying not to notice the wiggle in her walk or her laugh as she
joked with Samson.

“She’s hot, brother, I will give her that.”

“She’s also annoys the hell out of me. I want a woman who is all sweet and feminine. I want
to make the moves in a relationship. Something tells me that is not how it would be with Silver Larkin.”

Blaze laughed. “So? Maybe it’s time for something different. If you haven’t noticed, your
bed has been awful cold the last few years. I say Ms. Larkin would be just the thing to heat it

“More like turning it into an inferno,” I mumbled as she came back with our food.

Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart (Book 1)

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan seems like it is another country. The rawness and beauty of the land draws people from every walk of life. What most people don't realize is there is a little town nestled on the banks of Lake Superior that an entire group of supernatural beings call home. Shifters of every shape and size live there. They raise their families there. Tourists come from near and far to visit the quaint town of Cedar River, Michigan. The tourists never realize they are walking among some of the most unusual beings on earth.

Bowie Golden is a dragon shifter who is in charge of Cedar River's safety. Until now, the biggest threat to anyone's safety was Anastasia Plum, a witch/puma-shifter. She has been the town hellraiser since she was a teenager. Now someone has discovered the secret the residents of Cedar River keep for one another. These radicals are determined to eradicate the entire town. It's up to Bowie to keep them all safe.

Ana has always idolized Bowie. She may have stirred up trouble from time to time, but Bowie or one of his brothers would always get her out of the trouble she was in. One day, it happened. The unthinkable, the unimaginable occurred. Anastasia Plum fell for the "golden" boy. What an unlikely duo- the sheriff and the hellraiser!

Just as these two discover their passion for one another, a group of people is determined to keep them apart. It's up to Ana to prove that she is the only Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart.

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Natural Born Enemies (Book 2)

Cedar River, Michigan is a wonderful place to fall in love. Some people see change as a good thing, but there are a few others who can’t let go of the “old ways.” “Breeds should stay within their breeds,” they say.

Adam Thomas is the deputy sheriff in Cedar River. His black puma shifter side got him released from the military and sent back home. His demons followed, but they are nothing compared to the ones within his pride.

Luna McIntyre is the only daughter and shaman to the McIntyre pack. She is tired of being smothered and told what to do in regards to her life. She’s opened a sweet shop and moved forward with her life. However, the love of her teen years is back in town and her family is trying to rein her in again.

Someone in this small town is so set in their beliefs that they can’t see how love is sometimes simply love. Cats and canines may be natural born enemies, but love may be enough to get past the differences.

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Author Bio:
Gemma K. Murray is a busy college student and mom to an amazing 6 year old English Mastiff, who spends most of his time trying to steal her spot in bed. She laughs, loves, and lives a life that she thought was only for fairytales…of the adult variety. She has found her happiness…

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Thank you so much Gemma for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today! It was a pleasure to host you.

Alright readers, go visit Gemma's website and don't forget to grab your copies of this new series!!


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