Thursday, February 26, 2015

GMB Presents~ Lawrence Southwick's Her Master's Heart Book Blitz!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at Lawrence Southwick's Her Master's Heart Book Blitz presented by Give Me Books.

Title: Her Master's Heart
Author: Lawrence Southwick
Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group
Release Date: December 12, 2014

This book is dedicated to real women with a lifetime of wisdom and experience, and the courage to reach for their sexual dreams.

Robin is a forty five year-old, curvy divorcee who thinks her life is over. Her kids are out of the house and all she knows is how to take care of others. She's never known true happiness or true satisfaction. Is it too late for her?

Robert is a handsome, older skilled Dom who is tired of shallow, skinny, young girls with too much makeup and too little clothing, who throw themselves at any guy with a pulse. Yet they seem to be the only ones he encounters at his local kink club, Bottoms Up. He wants more but has been losing hope. Is it time to quit the scene?

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Amazon US: Her Master's Heart
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 Author Bio:
Lawrence Southwick is a long-term practitioner of the BDSM lifestyle, participating in events in NY, PA, OH, and Canada. He enjoys writing erotica with kink and romance and love, and Happy After Evers. He uses his life and experiences as the basis of his stories. He is a contracted Dominant to two lovely female submissives, Master of House Weigelia, and playmate with other friends.


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