Monday, February 9, 2015

~~Musa Mondays-Susan Gourley!~~

Musa Publishing is proud to announce the up coming release of Susan Gourley's epic fantasy novel, Keepers of Sulbreth, on February 20th. You can pre-order your copy now through the Musa website or continue reading to find out more: 

Magical seals protect the kingdom of Futhark from underworld demons. Every twenty years those seals must be recharged, but nothing is happening as it should as the deadline approaches.

Bastard Cage Stone provides for his family in the only way he can by selling his sword arm. When he joins the lists for the king's lucrative tournament, the scheming monarch traps him into assisting the Keepers, a group of mysterious sorceresses.

Keeper Sabelline Shelton, a uniquely gifted magic user, has studied for years for her duty of resetting the magical seals that lock out the underworld. But now she's stuck with a surly, reluctant swordsman as her partner.

Duty drives Cage and Sabelline to cooperate with each other, but shared danger creates the trust they'll need to succeed. If they can survive the treachery of humans and the demonic ambushes long enough to begin their journey to close the gates to hell.


Cage raced to meet the real demon, the first he’d ever seen in person. He passed through the misty fabrications that had chased the young woman and wondered at her pretend fear. What purpose? The Exarch had somehow created the illusions, but was she also responsible for these real demons? It made no sense to him. Not that it mattered at the moment. The creatures’ stench assailed his sensitive nose as he neared. Rotted meat and damp mold. The monsters glistened with layers of lizard-like scales instead of animal hide. Not something his sword could hope to pierce. When the lead creature rumbled a mere step from him, Cage leaped to the side as high as he could. He slashed across the creature’s eyes with his sword as he flew a whisker’s distance out of the reach of its lethal teeth. His ears rang as the demon bellowed. Cage landed lightly on his feet and swung his sword again, this time at the underbelly of the lumbering hell spawn. He swore as his blade slid across the thick scales, doing little damage. The monster stopped with much tearing of grass and dirt. It swung its massive head toward Cage. It gave him small satisfaction to see the red glow had gone from its eyes. He’d taken its sight, but what other senses might such a magical beast possess? A loud clap akin to thunder shook the lawn. Cage fell backward as a wave of thick air slapped his chest. He couldn’t pull any breath into his lungs. Still, he rolled away from the invisible force and came to his feet with his sword ready. Another loud clap reverberated through the cool night air. A bright flash stole his vision for a moment. Cage stumbled back from the battle. Who was attacking what? 

Susan Gourley writes epic fantasy from Pennsylvania where she's raised five boys and a daughter. After teaching for many years, she now writes full time in her large country home. She's also published in science fiction romance that she writes as Susan Kelley. You can find out more about Susan at Purchase your copy of Keepers of Sulbreth today!

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