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BMP Presents- Cowboy Heat Blog Tour & Giveaway!!

Welcome to my stop on the Cowboy Heat Blog Tour & Giveaway presented by Book Monsters Promotions.

Randi Alexander Talks About Her Story, Skin Deep, in the Cowboy Heat Anthology:

Thanks so much for letting me be your guest today. Have you ever found yourself way out in the country, driving on two-lane highways through towns that barely appear on the map? 

That’s the spot I pictured when I wrote Skin Deep. It takes place in a tiny town with a hotel and bar way off the main road, where our heroine, Layne, runs away to in an attempt to heal her heart after a bad breakup.

It’s fate, not coincidence, that she bumps into Kyle, a local rancher who stopped in on his way home from town for just one beer. But it is a coincidence that he’s got a sad story of his own. On the inside, they’re kindred spirits, but on the outside—exact opposites. He’s rugged and rough-hewn, she’s petite and feminine. He’s scarred and reclusive, she’s gorgeous and outgoing.

What they discover in the hours they spend together at the quiet bar leads them to believe they’ve found what each of them was missing in their lives. Someone who will look deeper than the surface.

I hope you enjoy the fun excerpt I provided. I loved writing this story, and I appreciate your stopping by today.

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Book Blurb of Skin Deep: 
A pretty city girl and a scarred country cowboy discover love waits when you’re ready to look beneath the surface. 

Layne Starwood drives all the way from Denver to a barely-there town in rural Colorado to drink away her self-pity in a watering hole aptly-named The Wrong Turn Bar. Taking a seat near one of the three customers, she orders a beer and begins her mission. Starting up a conversation with the quiet cowboy hiding in the shadow of his Stetson, she unburdens her sad story on him then is shocked to learn of his tragic history.

The scar on Kyle’s face mirrors the ache in his heart, and after a long evening of talking, Layne realizes the man is as modest and kind as he is funny. She lets herself indulge in a touch, a kiss, and a wild, hot hour in his arms. Can she convince him to spend the rest of the weekend with her, or are his scars too deep for her to try to heal?


 Fifteen minutes before the band was supposed to start, the musicians came in and set up their instruments. Layne glanced around. More than half the booths were filled, waitresses carried drinks and food, and Ben had a woman helping him behind the bar. When had all this happened? She glanced at Kyle.

He blinked as he looked around. Evidently, they’d been deep in their own little world, and had filtered out everything else. “Be right back.” He headed to the men’s room.

She watched him this time: his slim hips, long legs and V-shaped torso were everything she’d expected in a real cowboy.

“Can I buy you a beer?” A young man, dressed for a Saturday night at a honky-tonk, squeezed in between her bar stool and the empty one next to her.

“No, thank you. I’m leaving in a few minutes.” She turned away.

“My buddies and I were hoping you’d stay.” He gestured to a pack of five guys all staring at her like she was fresh meat. “Dance with us.”

“No. Thank you.” She used her firm voice, the one that always sent guys fleeing.

“Okay, but when you get tired of that old butt face cowboy, we’ll be waitin’ for you.”

“What?” Her blood pressure spiked. “You know…” She turned to face him. “It’s bullshit like that that makes me hate pretty boys like you.” And he was pretty. “That cowboy is the nicest man I’ve met in a hell of a long time, and for you to judge him on his skin instead of his soul is narrow-minded and ignorant.”

Pretty Boy looked up, over her head, and with a sinking sensation in her gut, she knew Kyle was back.

The kid’s cheeks flamed red and he walked away.

She turned to the cowboy.

He stood next to his bar stool. “You don’t need to fight my battles.”

He spoke softly, but she knew he was angry, his bright blue eyes had darkened. Damn, she’d insulted him again. How could she tell him she was fighting her own battles, too? She’d always been the pretty one, the one men asked to dance first, never her girlfriends. Marshall, the jackass, had always commented on how lovely she was, never how smart or funny or interesting.

She’d had enough of acting like an idiot. As Ben walked by, she gestured to him. “Can you call me a taxi?” She didn’t want to walk in the rain, and who knew what that pack of pretty boys was capable of.

“Okay. You’re a taxi.” He grinned but shook his head. “We’ve got nothing like that out here, but…”

“I’ll drive you.” Kyle’s voice sounded too quiet.

Ben nodded. “I can vouch for him. You’ll be safe with him.”

She risked a glance at the cowboy.

He seemed to have drawn back into his quiet zone. Pulling out his wallet, he settled up for all their drinks.

She didn’t dare insult his manhood again by offering to pay her share, so she worked at finishing her last beer.

“All right, cowboys and cowgirls!” The band member’s voice came through the sound system. “We’re Lone Trail, and we’re glad to be here tonight.” A smattering of applause and the sound of guitars tuning filled the room. “We’ve got some special occasions tonight.” He held up a piece of paper. “It’s Flo Bauman’s fiftieth birthday today. Where’s Flo?”

Shouts from the far end of the bar revealed where her party was going strong.

“Okay, and we’ve got Layne’s bachelorette party. Where’s Layne and the girls?”


Layne looked at Kyle. His eyes were wide and staring right at her. She grimaced. “So…now might be a good time to leave, don’t you think?”

His lips twitched in a partial smile as he came around the corner of the bar, holding out his hand.

Edited by Delilah Devlin
Publisher:  Cleis Press
Publication Date: March 18, 2014
ISBN-10: 1627780335
ISBN-13: 978-1627780339
Format: Trade Paperback

Broad Shoulders, Well-Worn Jeans and a Lean-Hipped Swagger

He may ride off into the sunset, but the cowboy in our heart never goes out of style. Even when coated with dust from riding alongside a herd of cattle or up to his knees in mud taming a wild stallion, this stud still generates plenty of Cowboy Heat.

USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin takes you back to the ranch with stories of rugged romantics, rough riders, and rope wranglers sure to satisfy your desire for a real man. In “Shall We Dance?,” by Myla Jackson, a waltz teacher learns about rhythm from her rancher student at the Flying M. The rodeo champion in Megan Mitcham’s “Coming Home” discovers that true love might be waiting at the end of the trail. A high school reunion at the honky tonk finds a city girl back in the strong arms of her cowboy crush in Cat Johnson’s “Unfinished Business.” Saddle up!

“Mrs. Morgan and the Marshal” by Emma Jay  
A dalliance with the sexy town marshal makes a woman rancher question which she wants most, her independence or him

“Remember” by Mia Hopkins  
A jilted bride saddles up with the blazing-hot cowboy stripper hired for her cancelled bachelorette party

“Cowboy Downtime” by Cheyenne Blue   
Passion ignites at a polocrosse game in the Australian outback—she plays attack, he plays defense, and their sexy wager decides the winner

“Coming Home” by Megan Mitcham    
A busted-up rodeo champion finds the squirt he tormented in youth transformed into a fiery woman challenging him to become the man she deserves

“Her Captured Cowboy” by Layla Chase
A lonely woman, ostracized by Colorado townspeople after years in Indian captivity, takes what she needs from a wandering cowboy

“Back Stage Pass” by Cynthia D’Alba   
A sexy night with a hired escort, who looks exactly like a woman’s favorite country singer, leaves her with a back stage pass and a lot of burning questions

“Unfinished Business” by Cat Johnson  
A class reunion gives one woman a second chance with a sultry cowboy from her past

“At the Mercy of the Cowboy” by Amber Lin   
A new farmhand finds rough living and an even rougher cowboy to soothe away her pain

“Cowboy Adonis” by Michael Bracken   
When a naked cowboy rises from a stock pond, a nature photographer’s assignment gets personal.

“Denim and Lace” by Robie Madison
One woman in a pair of rhinestone heels plus two sexy cowboys equals a highly combustible combination.

“One Track Cowboy” by Delilah Devlin    
After tracking two lost hikers, a park ranger and a local rancher lose themselves to a wild passion.

“Skin Deep” by Randi Alexander   
A pretty city girl and a scarred country cowboy discover love waits when you’re ready to look beneath the surface.

“Drop Two Tears in a Bucket” by Shoshanna Evers    
Alone on her Montana cattle ranch after her husband divorces her, a woman finds satisfaction in the arms of the one cowboy she can’t resist.

“A Cowboy for Delilah” by Sabrina York    
The last thing this independent, high-powered lawyer wants is a cowboy in her life, but one steamy kiss from a sexy rancher burns her resolve to a crisp.

“Shall We Dance?” by Myla Jackson    
When a lonely woman gives private dance lessons to a shy, sexy cowboy, she stumbles on passion worth fighting for.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander knows a modern woman dreams of an alpha cowboy who takes the reins, and guarantees they’re rode hard and put up satisfied.

Published with Cleis Press, Wild Rose Press, and self-published, Randi writes smokin’ hot romance with heroes who’ll have you begging to ride off into the sunset with them. When she’s not dreaming of, or writing about, rugged cowboys, Randi is biking trails along remote rivers, snorkeling the Gulf of Mexico, or practicing her drumming in hopes of someday forming a tropical rock-band.

Forever an adventurous spirit with a naughty imagination, Randi is also family oriented and married to the best guy in the world, her own cowboy, Kick. Give in to the allure of erotic passion, strong but vulnerable heroines, and irresistibly seductive cowboys, as Randi’s emotional love stories sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless with passion.

Saddle up! And prepare yourself for the sexier side of happily ever after.

Randi Alexander loves to connect with her readers! Say “Howdy” at one of her social network sites, send her an e-mail, or sign up for her newsletter.

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  1. Loved the excerpt, Randi--great intro to Layne and Kyle!

    1. Thanks, Fedora! They're a really interesting couple. Different from most you see in romance novels. I fell in love with that scarred cowboy! Thanks for coming by!

  2. This book sounds like all kinds of hotness! Great excerpt :)