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~~Review for Torch Ginger by Toby Neal~~

Title: Torch Ginger
Author: Toby Neal
Publisher: Toby Neal 
Genre: Crime/Mystery/Suspense/Romance/Contemporary
Publication date: July 12, 2012
ISBN: 0-983952-44-2
Pages: 247
Series: Lei Crime Series, Book 2
Reviewer: Julianne

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews LLC
5, No heat 

Torch Ginger also earned a Reviewer's Choice Award

Lei Texeira transfers to the island of Kaua'i as a detective with the Kaua'i Police Department, because she needs to move on with her life after calling off her engagement to Michael Stevens. Among the lush jungle landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a culture steeped in tradition, Lei is once again pitted against an evil that is hard to comprehend.

Lei and her partner, Jack Jenkins, are investigating a series of break-ins at homes owned by Paradise Realty. A distraught woman contacts Lei about her missing boyfriend who has traveled to the beautiful island to find himself. As the two detectives delve into the man's disappearance, they uncover a meth lab and other people who have gone missing. It seems someone is taking people from the hippie population.

Lei meets the charming Alika Wolcott, who is also a real estate magnate. Lei finds herself attracted to Alika, but she can't seem to get her ex-fiance out of her mind.

Toby Neal has done it again! Torch Ginger, the second in the Lei Crime series, takes Lei on a merry chase of crime, murder, missing people, drugs, and a bizarre cult. Ms. Neal writes with such flair and finesse, bringing her characters to life. I felt as if I was right in the book, following along watching all the drama unfold. She weaves a story of deep emotions, intrigue, mystery, and a little bit of fun. The secondary characters are also mysterious, colorful and add so much to the overall story. As each new character was introduced, my mind went into overtime trying to figure if he or she was the one doing the killing.

Lei is such a kick-butt woman that it's almost too much to think of her as being somewhat vulnerable. Ms. Neal is able to get that vulnerability across with flying colors. As Lei and Alika's relationship progressed, I wasn't sure who I really wanted her to be with. I thought both Alika and Michael were sexy, hot men and would be good for Lei. Michael seemed like he was less likely to be able to let Lei go; he was still trying to get back together. Alika was a playboy and enjoyed living life. I so enjoyed Jack's character, he was so much fun and I really hope that some day he will get his own book and be happy.

The suspects in Torch Ginger were written so well that it was truly difficult to solve who the killer was. I really enjoyed reading Torch Ginger as much as I did book one, Blood Orchids. If Ms. Neal were to write 50 books in this series, I would happily read them all. If you like a good suspenseful plot, laced with some twists and turns, this book is for you.

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