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~~Author Wednesdays-C.H. Admirand!~~

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It's Author Wednesday time again and today C.H. Admirand is here.
Thank you for being here today C.H.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog, Julianne :) When you asked me what date, June 18th immediately came to mind. My parents were marred in St. Mary’s Church on June 18th, 1955 and were happily married until my Dad passed away in 1999. This year, Mom finally joined him on February 28th  … at least they are together now.

The scary thought is that they were only married for 44 years and my darling hubby and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary in August … I can’t help but wonder what the next 9 years will bring. Will we still be around to celebrate the day we said *I do*? Will we get to see our grandbabies grow up? Will we spend those next 9 years storing up happy memories that our children will remember and share with their children? What kind of legacy will we leave behind?

It makes one pause and think about just what is truly meaningful in this life. For me,  it always comes back to what I like to include in all of my books: Romance, Family, Hearth & Home.  My family has always centered and grounded me. I love to play in the dirt in our gardens, spend time in the kitchen baking, and of course playing with our darling grandbabies and being with our family … fur-babies included.

I’ve been blessed with the love of a good man who understands and supports my need to write, the gift of three beautiful children who grew up when I blinked, the added blessing of two beautiful grandbabies, and 4 fur-babies who have shared in our lives over the years.

Readers have a special place in my heart and always will. So to thank my readers, I’m giving away a copy of my latest release, THE THREE VICES: PATIENCE. It will be the winner’s choice of e-book or trade paperback. I’ll let pick the winner for me.

Happy Reading!!

C.H. is offering one lucky commenter their choice of an e-book copy or paperback copy of The Three Vices: Patience. Good luck everyone. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. I can't contact you if you don't leave your email.

For fans who have read Patience, now that I have the rights back, I've edited and freshened up the first book in this trilogy. Books 2 (Charity) and 3 (Prudence) are wips. Follow me on FB and stay tuned for more info!

Book One in C.H.'s Regency-Era Historical Trilogy.

C.H. Admirand sweeps her readers back into the past to Regency England with book one in her Regency-Era Historical Trilogy: The Three Vices. This re-release has the previously deleted prologue, chapters, and scenes added back in for an enhanced read. For readers who have already read Patience, I have toned down the love scenes to appeal to a broader range of readers. Never fear, the romance is still the most important part of Lady Patience and Viscount Rexley's story. 

Here's the trilogy overview: Three cousins: Lady Patience Wainwright, Lady Charity Fenwick, and Lady Prudence Thompson, (daughters of three sisters) each have a vice that has their respective parents despairing that they may never find suitable matches for the highly spirited and willful daughters. 

Patience, Charity, and Prudence…Virtuous qualities a young lady seeking a husband would surely wish to possess. 

Unless, of course, a well-meaning parent chose to name her daughter Patience, with an eye to the future, hoping her precious child would seek to emulate the meaning of her name. 

Never imagining her beloved daughter would grow up preferring the break-neck pace of racing her horse across the meadow to taking tea with callers, or that she would prefer angling for trout and firing a pistol to plying fabric with a needle. And, Lord help us all, that she would grow to stand just four inches shy of six feet tall! 

Patience is impetuous, impulsive, and impossible. Ah, but her parents have a plan to secure a marriage, and their daughter’s future. They intend to find a gentleman of noble birth—with deep pockets—who has never met their daughter. 

Surely somewhere in all of England there is a gentleman who will embrace their daughter, thorns and all. All he need do is overlook her height, and her talent with rod, reel, and pistol. 

The virtue has become the vice … 

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C.H. was born in Aiken, South Carolina, but her parents moved back to northern New Jersey where she grew up, which if you’ve met her would explain a lot. She’s always had her nose in a book, has traveled the world over, and even tested the time-space continuum, thanks to the awesome power of the written word. One of her writing quirks is that she loves to include bits and pieces of her ancestors and ancestry in all of her books. Her family centers her and keeps her sane, which is why she enjoys adding elements of family, hearth, and home in all of her romances. C.H. has penned two contemporary romance trilogies for Sourcebooks: The Secret Life of Cowboys, featuring the Garahan brothers; and her Small Town USA trilogy, featuring the Mulcahy sisters. Also available are the first five books in her Amazon Bestselling Historical Irish Western Series: The Marshal’s Destiny, The Rancher’s Heart, Pearl’s Redemption, A Gift From Home, and the short story For Love of Flynn. C.H. is currently writing Masterson’s story, book 6 in her Irish Western Series and will travel further back in time to Regency England for the re-release of the first book in her Three Vices Trilogy: Patience. Look for Charity and Prudence’s books later this year. With 8 short stories and 15 novels to her credit, this award-winning, multi-published author’s books are available in paperback, hardcover, trade paperback, magazine, and e-book. 

Contact C.H.:
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C.H. is a fantastic author, please check out her website for more great books.

C.H. is offering one lucky commenter their choice of an e-book copy or paperback copy of The Three Vices: Patience. Good luck everyone. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. I can't contact you if you don't leave your email.

Thanks again C.H. for being here today.

Next week for Author Wednesdays my guest is Heidi Lynn Anderson, I hope you'll all stop back next Wednesday.


  1. Thanks again for inviting me to blog, Julianne ;) Have a great Wednesday!

    1. It was my pleasure! Thanks for being on my blog!

  2. love reading your blog, glad your parents had 44yrs. together and so will you and your hubby! I love to win this for I love your books-I let my friends read them and they also like them a lot! Thanks for the giveaway! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Congratulations! You are the winner of C.H.'s book!

  3. Remembering the happy times with your parents helps heal the huge hole when they are gone. Hope you feel their love today and also the love of your fans. I'm gald to be one of them. Enjoyed reading your blog today (and your books).

  4. What a unique, clever title for your book The Three Vices!

  5. CH Admirand I love your books and the way you can write different genres and they are all great. Keep up the great work. Thanks for doing a giveaway!