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~~Author Wednesdays-Ciana Stone!!~~

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It's that time again!!! Author Wednesdays is here and my guest today is Ciana Stone. Welcome to For Whom The Books Toll Ciana.

50% of all royalties from Ciana's book, Renegades will go to Health Guidance, a non-profit patient advocate program. Buy a GREAT romantic suspense novel (priced at $2.99 for ebook and $10.79 for print) and help a patient and their family in need! 50% of all royalties for the month of June on the sale of RENEGADES by Ciana Stone will go toward HEALTH GUIDANCE, a non-profit patient advocacy organization. 

Passions explode against a backdrop of danger and mystery as three people seek a truth that can answer the questions to the mysteries of their past. Or get them killed. 

She was searching. She just didn't know what she was searching for. Her memories of the last few years were murky and unclear. Still, she followed that inexplicable feeling, whispers in her her mind that kept her on the move.. Whispers that led her to a small coastal town in North Carolina. 

The moment she laid eyes on Zeke Justice, the feeling that had been her only constant companion vanished, to be replaced by a longing she didn't understand. 

Nor did he. One look at Roxy and something ripped in his mind, something that made emotions spring to live that he should not feel. Love, devotion, a need to protect. 

What the hell was happening? 

They’re going to find out, but not before more questions are raised, and another player enters the game. Someone from both of their pasts. Someone they both love, and someone they may not be able to trust. 

West Franklin thought he knew exactly what he was doing in Harmony. He’d come to put Zeke behind bars and claim Roxy. But once he gets there, what he thought was true starts to unravel until the only thing he knows for sure is that it’s a contest between him and Zeke for Roxy’s love and he’s determined to win. Regardless of what Zeke meant to him in the past, the only thing that matters now is her. 

But can West trust even those feelings? 

Three people in an equation of love that may have no solution. All they can do is try and uncover the truth of who they really are and what they mean to one another. 

If they can survive long enough maybe they’ll get to the truth. 

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Starting with the basics.  Ciana is oh-so-happily married to the man of her dreams.  She has two children, four grandchildren, two cats, one raccoon and the occasional o'possum.  She loves creatures of the warm and fuzzy variety and reptiles give her a case of the creeping willies.
In her "day job" she is Syneca, Original Syn designer. If you need book covers, web graphics and/or design, ads, videos or promotional materials, Original Syn is here to help you with quality products at affordable prices!
When off work, Ciana likes to play in the yard, is an addicted gamer and loves power tools.
Ciana loves to read, but the list of favorite authors is too big for this small space, so we'll leave it at "she reads a lot". She also loves to play disc golf, work out and wander through junk shops for 'treasures'. She's not the biggest tv person on the planet, but will not miss an episode of Justified, The Blacklist,  or Game of Thrones.

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Thanks for stopping by today Ciana. Stop back next Wednesday when Jordan Ashley will be here!

Don't forget to buy your copy of Renegades to help Health Guidance.

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