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BMP Presents-Occupational Hazard Box Set Tour!

Welcome to my stop on the Occupational Hazard Box Set Tour presented by Book Monster Promotions.

Contributing Authors:  Eve Langlais, Cathryn Fox, Mandy Harbin, Parker Kincade, Cassandra Carr, Ann Mayburn, Ros Clarke, Lilly Cain, Delilah Devlin, Cari Quinn

All work and no play? No way! These TEN books by New York Times, USA Today, and National Bestselling authors show how hot workplace romances can be. And the best part? It’s just $0.99! Don’t’s only available for a limited time, and then it’ll be back to business as usual. 

Retail value of the individual books is over $25.00! 

The Ultimate Workplace Romance Box Set 
Publisher: Penning Princess 
Publication Date: June 2, 2014

My Secretary, My Mistress – Eve Langlais   
Can a boss let go of his inhibitions and let his secretary take charge of him in the bedroom? 
To learn more about Eve Langlais and her entire book list please visit her website:

Yours to Take - Cathryn Fox  
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom. 
To learn more about Cathryn Fox and her entire book list please visit her website:

Against Company Policy – Mandy Harbin 
Cassie Tucker and Ian Cope know they should keep things professional on their new assignment, but when desire is faced with physical boundaries and company policy, it’s time to get a little creative…and a little kinky. 
To learn more about Mandy Harbin  and her entire book list please visit her website:

White Collar Cowboy - Parker Kincade 
Lauren Delgado has had a crush on Gavin Mathis for years, but has a strict “hand-off” policy with the men she works with. When her life takes an unexpected turn, there’s nothing to stop her from accepting Gavin’s invitation to his vacation home on Galveston Island … where she learns the policy is definitely hands-on. 
To learn more about Parker Kincade and her entire book list please visit her website:

Seducing Chase - Cassandra Carr 
When a doctor disappears with millions, can Val and Nate set aside their explosive attraction and save the hospital? 
To learn more about Cassandra Carr and her entire book list please visit her website:

First Kiss - Ann Mayburn 
Ryan will never forgot that night in high school when he kissed Emma and lost his heart to her forever. Years later he finds Emma again, but now she’s a pro-Domme that refuses to fall in love. Ryan begins a campaign to win her reluctant heart, one night at a time. 
To learn more about Ann Mayburn and her entire book list please visit her website:

Flirting with the Camera - Ros Clarke 
Brilliant, beautiful and bigger than your average plus-size model, Hattie Bell can do anything she sets her mind to. After all, she's just landed her dream job, modelling for top photographer, Tom Metcalfe. So her next goal should be a piece of cake: getting Tom to break his strict rule against workplace romances... 
To learn more about Ros Clarke and her entire book list please visit her website:

Excerpt 2 - Ros Clarke - FLIRTING WITH THE CAMERA:
A pile of glossy magazines had been stacked haphazardly on the coffee table, with a bowl of fruit perched precariously on top. Tom moved the fruit bowl and flicked through the first few magazines, pleased to find all his most recent cover photos. Hattie had been doing her homework. His gaze fell on a bright pink folder with her name printed on the front. He hadn’t thought to ask for her portfolio in the studio earlier, but now he was curious.

‘What do you think?’ 

He glanced up at Hattie, then back to the portfolio. The shots were dreadful. It was as if the photographer had never met Hattie. He’d put her into the standard poses and told her to make faces like every other wannabe model.

‘Who took these for you?’ he asked, diplomatically.

She sighed and came to sit beside him on her saggy floral sofa. ‘They’re terrible, aren’t they? I knew as soon as I saw them, but I couldn’t afford to get them redone by anyone better.’

Tom grimaced at a shot of Hattie in a particularly unflattering pose with a dead look in her eyes. ‘They’re not the worst I’ve ever seen.’


He shut the folder and chucked it back into the mess. ‘They don’t give anyone a reason to book you. There’s no personality in these at all. And, frankly, personality is the biggest asset you’ve got, Hattie.’

She winced. ‘Right. All the big girls have great personalities. I get it.’

He laid a hand on her thigh. ‘No, they don’t. But you do. You light up in front of the camera, Hattie. I saw it today. The idiot who took these clearly never did.’

‘To be fair, he didn’t have much chance. I only booked an hour and we had to get through a lot of shots.’

‘Do you always do that?’

She met his gaze, a question in her eyes.

‘Make excuses for the way other people treat you,’ Tom explained.

‘I don’t do that,’ she replied too quickly.

‘Yes, you do. Why?’

‘I don’t know.’ She had stopped looking at him and started flicking through the portfolio again.

‘Hattie.’ Tom took the folder away from her and waited until she turned her face up again. ‘If you’re going to be my muse, you have to be honest with me.’

Her expressive eyes began to twinkle. ‘Your muse? Is that what I am?’ 

He shrugged. ‘Of course. My mind’s been sparking with ideas ever since you walked into my studio this afternoon.’

Hattie’s jaw dropped. ‘Really? I’m your muse. How fabulous. I feel like I should be draped in a 1920s dress and wafting around your studio with a cigarette holder.’ She picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and held it as if she were offering it to an invisible god. ‘Muse, with apple in her hands.’

Tom grinned. ‘Or in a Grecian gown, holding an urn?’

‘I haven’t got an urn.’ She went to fetch something from the kitchen. ‘Will a colander do? Muse, holding colander aloft.’

She held her pose for an instant, then collapsed into giggles. ‘Are you sure you want me? I’m not very good at being serious.’

He laughed and took the colander out of her hands. ‘Muses aren’t chosen, Hattie, they’re born. And you, it seems, are mine.’

Her eyes narrowed as she held his gaze. Then she nodded. ‘I’m glad.’

When Hattie had left the studio earlier, Tom's mind had exploded. New ideas crashed into each other like waves against a cliff, too fast for his pencil to keep up as it flashed across the pages of his sketchbook. He wanted her falling from a cliff, dodging a fast car, facing the venomous tongue of a snake. He wanted fear in her eyes, masked with courage and determination. He wanted Hattie grasping at life with both hands while fate threw up every unimaginable danger in her path. He wanted her open, vulnerable and fragile. 

As he looked down into her eyes now, he found it again. Naked honesty under a cracking surface of bravado. He could make those fissures deepen and split, exposing the desperate soul underneath. Her body would provide its own incongruity in the images Tom envisioned. Her earthy voluptuousness gave the appearance of invincibility. It seemed that nothing should be able to harm a woman like Hattie. She had her own defences, internal and external. 

His mouth twisted. Where were the chinks in Hattie's armour? Not the body image issues that dogged most women in the fashion industry, he thought. But there was something that made her eyes flicker when he held her gaze. Something made this self-confident woman doubt herself. Some part of Hattie that she wanted to cover up and hide. He needed to find that part of her. He needed her soft, trusting, and vulnerable, spilling out her deepest secrets to him. 

No Restraints - Lilly Cain 
Bad girl Selene Carter will do anything to save her business, even team up with the cop who stole her heart. But can Detective Tom Barker help when he knows she's no innocent? 
To learn more about Lilly Cain and her entire book list please visit her website:

Pleasing Sir - Delilah Devlin 
Raelie might be a submissive in search of just the right Dom, but she’s not the kind to sit back and wait for the right man to happen. When she gets the chance to fill in as Bryce Caldwell’s executive assistant, she decides some subtle seduction is needed to see if he dominates the bedroom the same way he does the office. 
To learn more about Delilah Devlin and her entire book list please visit her website:

Shadowboxer - Cari Quinn 
She's in for the fight of her life...with the man who only wants to be her lover.
To learn more about Cari Quinn and her entire book list please visit her website:

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