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A.M. Griffin's Dangerously His!

Hello and welcome to my post on Dangerously His by A.M. Griffin.

Title: Dangerously His
Author: A.M. Griffin
Series: Loving Dangerously Book 4
Genre: Sci-Fi

Justin “JB” Blake has never met a woman he couldn’t bed—or one he wants to keep. That changes the second he lays eyes on Princess Saia Xochis. The beautiful alien makes his body burn and his heart ache. She will be his. All JB has to do is risk life and limb at the hands of her abusive father, her protective brother, and her warmongering intended mate.

The possibilities of death and dismemberment have never stopped him before.

Inside Scoop:  This book has a small taste of female/female fun—as well as scenes of abuse that are decidedly not fun.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Submerged in the soapy water is where Saia felt most at ease, where she could relax from prying eyes. There was no need to hold her spine erect, so she let it lay back against the tiles. No longer needing to hold her head up high, she let it roll back to rest against the ledge. She closed her eyes and let her fingers play in the water, bringing her hands up to her breasts, letting the water run down the mounds of flesh that peeked through the water’s surface.

She couldn’t help but sigh as her nails skimmed across her large brown nipples. She caught them between her fingers and plucked, making them ache with pleasure.

She twisted and teased her nipples until a moan escaped her lips.

A sharp intake of breath came from the doorway.

Startled, she covered herself and turned to her stomach to face the door, staying below the water with her chin rested on the ledge.

Justin stood in the bathing room doorway. His hand gripped the frame so hard, his knuckles were a shade lighter than the rest of his skin. His body was rigid. The thick outline of his cock could be seen clearly from where she sat.

His normally playful demeanor was replaced with lust—carnal lust.

She clenched her hands on the ledge.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice breaking. He cleared his throat. “I shouldn’t have intruded.”

“How did you get in here?” she asked. Another emotion—wanting—quickly replaced any previous embarrassment.

He pointed over his shoulder, toward her room. “The balcony.”

“Did Ship let you through one of the apartments again?”

One side of his mouth rose in a smile. “I’m a space pirate—a locked door couldn’t keep me from getting to you.”


“I’ve broken into fancier places than this.”

“And survived.”


She should’ve been mad at him for coming into her room announced. For seeing her naked. For watching her play with her breasts. She pulled her lower lip into her mouth and let her eyes wander to his cock.

No. Mad wasn’t the emotion she was feeling.

“I went to the garden and you weren’t there. You also didn’t answer your com-link,” he continued.

“I thought you were with Taio and Eva in the common room.”

“I try to stay away from Taio as much as possible.”

They stared at each other in silence.

“I was going to call you later. After my bath.”

He placed his hands on his hips and then dropped them to shield his cock. “I’m glad I didn’t wait for you.”

Her insides tingled down to her core. “This is where you would excuse yourself.”

“Are you kicking me out?” he asked. His voice seemed much deeper than before.

She should. Ancients knew she should. “No, Justin the space pirate.”

She turned around to lie on her back once more and closed her eyes. Her body shook with anticipation. She heard the door closing and resisted the urge to turn around. As she heard his soft steps approaching, her chest constricted. She clenched her jaw shut.

Next came the soft sound of what she thought was Justin pulling off his boots. He eased his legs in the water, one on each side of her. She found enough courage to open her eyes and saw that his pants had been rolled up to his knees, displaying toned, hairy legs. She let him cradle her head in his hands as he sat down on the ledge. Gently, he eased her head back to rest squarely on his groin.

She didn’t know which was worse. The compromising situation or that she was so excited by it.

His fingers ran massaging tracks along her scalp and by her temples. “Do what you were doing before I interrupted.”

Everything stilled within her. “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I was… I can’t do that with you watching.”

His hands trailed down her face…her neck…her chest…until finally he reached her breasts.

She arched her back and inhaled sharply. Insistent throbbing began between her thighs. She squeezed her knees together. His fingers massaged and kneaded her breasts. He cupped them as if he were trying to guess the weight. When his fingertips skimmed her nipples, she moaned. Embarrassed by the sound, she put a hand over her mouth.

He pulled her hand away. “I want to hear how good I make you feel.”

And there it was again, stronger. The throbbing.

“Am I making you feel good?” he asked.

She nodded, not trusting herself to talk.

He scooped up the bubbles that skimmed the water and used a handful to rub over her breasts, covering them. His hands were smooth against her flesh. Her nipples were alive with sensation.

She held on to his arms as he massaged around and across. She ached for him to touch between her legs—where the throbbing continued to build.

Could she?

She could.

She tugged his hand, making him reach farther.

“Do you want me to massage you down there?”

“Yes,” she moaned. A hundred times yes.

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