Monday, December 9, 2013

Aline Hunter-Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon!!!

Temptation is always made worse when you long for the forbidden...

Vampire King Bridon Walkyr has waited centuries for the return of his Chosen. Yet instead of the docile and fragile human he anticipates, his beloved has been reborn of the very race that wishes to destroy his kind. Unwilling to lose her a second time, he travels to the mortal realm under a guise to intercept his mate and challenge fate.

Lycae Princess Willow Miloradovic lives under the strain of a preordained destiny she has yet to commit. From the time she could conceive of right and wrong, she has been told she will bring about the downfall of her pack. For her Fated is not only her enemy, he is the very ruler of the blood drinkers they detest. Intentionally guided into the trap Bridon has placed, she has special instructions from her alpha -- kill the vampire king and sever their connection.

When Bridon and Willow clash, sparks will fly, passions will ignite, and enemies will become lovers. Unfortunately, with a killing moon on the rise, their union can signify only one thing: death.

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“You said you wanted to continue where we left off.”

He grinned, taunting her. “I did, didn’t I?”

“Damn it.” She narrowed her eyes. “Don’t do this to me.”

“I’m not doing anything to you,” he corrected, pulling her closer. “I’m just waiting for you to tell me what you want.” 

“I’ve told you what I want.”

“And I’ve told you what I want in turn.”

Her claws raked his shoulders, and he continued staring into her face. She smelled even better up close — wind, rain, and forest, with a trace of the lavender soap he’d purchased just for her. It wasn’t necessary to repeat his request. He simply waited, allowing her to make the decision for herself.


He arched a brow mockingly. “Yes?”

“You’re really going to make me ask?”

He felt her trembling, could see the need etched all over her face. “Aye, I am.”

"You're a real bastard, you know that?"

“I’ve heard it said a time or two.”

For a moment, he thought she’d refuse. She frowned as she internalized the information, going tense in his arms. Determined to keep her mind with him — then and there — he leaned in and nipped her bottom lip, biting down hard enough to get her attention. Her lips parted as he pulled away.

Lust appeared in her eyes, something he didn’t dare imagine was possible so soon, and she did something he didn’t expect. She lurched upward, wrapped her arms around his neck, and twined her legs around his waist. He kept her balanced against him via the hands around her neck and ass. Then she kissed him, hard and rough, her tongue snaking into his mouth as she moaned.

Mindless and wild, he carried her to the sleeping bags and lowered her to the padded surface. To Hades with being a gentleman. Willow was nothing like Aislynn. She was wild and uninhibited, untamed and brazen as she met each thrust of his tongue. He realized then that the traits she exhibited excited him far more than a demure smile, a wine-colored blush, and whispers of love he’d known so long ago. This was his true Fated. The past was just a means to bring them to this point — now, together.

He released her ass, grasped her face in both hands, and peered into her face. “Say it. Tell me.”

She looked at him with desire-glossed eyes, her breathing frantic. “Do I have to?”

“Tell me.”

He didn’t smile as he pressed firmly between her legs, so that she was unable to lift her hips or move. She went limp beneath him and lowered her hands, until they rested at his waist. Her entire body was quaking, her limbs shivering so hard, it almost made him cave in and give her what she wanted despite her unwillingness to say the words.

“B-Bridon,” she stammered.

He brought his head down and spoke softly into her ear. “Tell me, Willow. No more games. I want to hear you say it.”

Turning her head and baring her neck, she did as he asked. “Drink from me.”

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