Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Paws Blog Hop!

Thanks to BTS eMag and Wild Child Publishing for hosting this wonderful blog hop. The grand prize is a $200 gift card of the winner's choice and a special prize for their pet. So make sure you enter the rafflecopter for the grand prize. Make sure to visit all the participating blogs for more chances to win.

It's funny how when I was younger, a pet never really entered my mind. When I started dating, I was more aware of the little furry critters. After I got married, we talked about pets. We both were animal lovers, except I didn't have any experience at being a pet owner of anything larger than a goldfish or guinea pig. We
thought up names of our future cats and kept a list.

Our first kitten, Taffy was really cute and cuddly. Unfortunately, she was very sick when we adopted her, although we didn't know it at that time. We only had her a couple of weeks. Our next kitty, Misty which somehow became Boo-Boo. She wasn't really a very social cat, she didn't like anyone but me and sat on only my lap. I loved that baby.

When I started to work, we had just gotten 2 new kittens, Shadow and Freckles. Freckles adopted me and Shadow adopted my son.

This is Freckles with one of her mousies.

We now have 2 new kittens again, they are just a little over 8 months. Venice and Casey are most definitely very different than any other cats we have ever had. But I still love them. We bought a tree this year just for them. I didn't want them getting into my good tree. I can't ever imagine my life without feline fur babies.

Venice and Casey when they were just itty bitty things. They were actually 3 months old when we adopted them. They seemed to have grown faster than the other kittens we have had.

I can't believe how fast they have grown! Venice still has some more growing to do to fit into her feet and ears. She was all ears and feet when she was little.
Casey isn't going to be as big a kitty as Venice is. I think Casey is almost done growing.  They are sisters and spend a lot of time together.

We just put the tinsel on tonight, Venice has already tried to run off with it.  LOL!
I really hope the tree is still standing when I get up in the morning.

I'm giving away 20 assorted Author Trading Cards. Just leave a comment below telling me about your favorite pet. Be sure to leave your email addy with your comment so I can contact you if you win. Winner will have 72 hours to reply to notification email.

I'd like to wish a huge thank you to all the Co Sponsors of this hop.

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  1. Favorite pet was a ginger tabby that some one dumped off at the end of our road in the country. He was a real character and I miss him greatly, a once in a lifetime cat.
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  2. Don't have any

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. I can't pick a favorite pet. I have a german shepard who is the sweetest thing in the world and likes nothing better than a good snuggle and a husky pup who likes to be carried through the house like a baby. It's kind of hard to choose between the two