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Review for Troll-y Yours by Sheri Fredricks

Title: Troll-y Yours
Author: Sheri Fredricks
Publisher: Temple Publishing
Genre: Shapeshifter/Paranormal Romance
Publication date: May 17, 2013
Length: 308 pgs
Book Series and number: The Centaur Series Book 2
Rating: 5
Heat Rating: Hot

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll
5, Hot

Determined to forge a better life, Ella launches her new business with high hopes—until a sexy Centaur bumps into her and throws her life off course forever. Voted “Most Eligible Bachelor in Boronda”, Aleksander shakes up her world and tilts her in more ways than one.
Years of warfare and countless bedroom encounters have stolen Kempor Aleksander’s luster for life. He never expects to rediscover his zeal in the small, redheaded form of Ella the Troll, who fires his blood hotter than the deepest caverns in the forest.

But as trouble lingers in their midst—and edges ever closer—Alek and Ella spiral into troubled terrain. Turning to each other, the pair face down dangers that run impenetrably deep in their mythological world. But will the two lovers discover a passion that runs even deeper?

My Review:

Troll-y Yours starts off with a bang! The fantastic wit of Sheri Fredricks shows throughout the book and makes this a fun, engaging, emotional and unpredictable read.

Ella wants nothing more than to escape her mean and overbearing parents to live on her own. She wishes she could be more like her brother, Eli the golden child in her parents' eyes.

During a romantic encounter, Kempor Aleksander seems to realize that there must be more to life than just a quick lay. Ever since his friend, Rhycious has found happiness with a nymph named Patience, casual sex just doesn't seem as fun as it once used to.

Aleksander meets Ella at the Neigh Cafe during Ella's new business of speed dating. There's something about the curvy, beautiful troll that calls to Alek's libido. Ella believes the handsome Centaur is joking when he calls her beautiful because she knows she is not.

Ella and Alek are a very unlikely match and Ms. Fredricks writes their tale exquisitely. The two have quite the adventure, Ella gets kidnapped, the spies seem to be getting bolder and bolder and it's difficult to tell who can be trusted.

I laughed so hard once, I scared my sleeping cats. I also cried and wanted to throw a brick out the window. When a book can make go through all of those emotions, I know it's a keeper. If you haven't read any of Sheri's books, I highly recommend them.

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