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Review for The Dom on the Naughty List by Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw & Cari Silverwood

Title: The Dom On The Naughty List
Author: Sorcha Black, Leia Shaw & Cari Silverwood
Publisher: Wicked Cucumber Press
Genre: BDSM/Contemporary/Erotica/GLBT/Menage
Publication date: December 20, 2012
Length: 103 pgs
Book Series and number: Badass Brats #2
Rating: 4
Heat Rating: Scorching

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll
4, Scorching

Who needs Christmas when it brings bad memories? Jude is hung up on his past but his bisexual brats Q and Sabrina are going to drag their normally good-natured Dom into the festive season even if they have to put him on the naughty list. But being in a ménage a trois isn't simple.

Family drama, unexpected consequences, and the sexy shenanigans all avalanche in with the snow to make Jude, Sabrina and Q find out exactly how deep their love goes.

**This is a standalone Christmas novella that is a sequel to the Happily Ever After story of The Dom with a Safeword.**

***Warning: this novella contains uses for cookie frosting Betty Crocker wouldn't approve of, naughty girls that get spankings instead of coal, and a scrooge Dom that has nefarious plans involving tinsel and a Christmas tree branch.

BDSM elements, M/f/f and F/f scenes.

My Review:
It's their first Christmas together and Q wants to start some family traditions. Sabrina is her happy accomplice when they go hunting for a tree. OHMYGOSH!!! I had to laugh at their antics, it was priceless. Sabrina and Q's characters just flow well with each other. They have depth and dimension and could be my next door neighbors. I felt as though I was at the tree farm with them, watching the two struggle with that tree.

I really liked Jude in book one, The Dom with a Safeword. However, I had a difficult time reading him in this book. Jude lost his father during the Christmas season and hasn't really gotten over it. So he has a hard time when his girls bring home a tree and drag out all of the decorations, making one huge mess. The situation was quite comical until Jude turned into Scrooge.

Q even tries her hand at baking, being domestic really isn't her strong point. I got a lump in my throat reading about how Q never really had a regular childhood growing up. Her brothers raised her and did they best they could. Reading about how Q was trying to do things for her family without really knowing how only reinforces the meaning of family to me. This book had me laughing one minute, crying the next and then wanting to throw it out the window.
Jude seemed to favor Q in this story more than Sabrina. Maybe that wasn't the intention of the authors when they wrote the scenes, but it stuck out on more than one occasion to me.

The Dom on the Naughty List is a story filled with emotions, hot sex, lots of surprises and a revelation or two. A very enjoyable read and highly recommended.

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