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Author Wednesdays-Amber A. Bardan!!

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Today is Wednesday and we all know what that means!! HUMP DAAAAY!!! Or here on For Whom The books Toll, it's Author Wednesday. Today, my guest is Amber Bardan and she has taken some time from her busy schedule to answer some questions. Here's our interview.

Please share 5 fun facts about yourself that most people don't know?
Well I can’t promise they’ll be fun but I can share 5 facts!

I’m a total klutz! Yep, totally clumsy. My feet don’t tend to want to go in the same direction and my arms have a mind of their own.

I love trashy TV shows. I get obsessed with trashy reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians

I’m a cheap date—can't handle my liquor at all.

I have the attention span of Jack Russell…Says it all.

Although I started off my education with learning difficulties, I now love and rock at learning. I study for fun, and have been able to very successfully venture into new and exciting career paths as an adult I wouldn’t have dreamed possible as a youth. I’m living proof that you can achieve anything if you are driven enough.

What was your ideal career when you were a child?
I wanted to be a fairytale character. Unfortunately, Mary of Denmark got the one gig going for Aussie girls, and God just didn’t build me for the Cinderella costume theme park employees get to wear. So, Writer = Next best thing. I make my own fairytales.

When did you start writing?
I started writing in May 2012, but didn’t get really serious until about it until November 2012 after completing my first manuscript and getting a dose of reality, and what it really takes to make it as a writer and get published. So from that time I attacked it with the same single minded determination with which I approach everything that is important to me.

Do you consider yourself a plotter, or pantser or a hybrid?
Definitely a hybrid. I have a basic outline I can usually sum up in a paragraph or two that I then break down into a few key events, but it mostly comes to me as I go. I usually have a scene or two I see very vividly like a movie clip in my head which set the tone for the whole book.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with music?
Music! I usually have a track or two I associate with a particular book, and I’ll listen to those tracks over and over while I’m writing.

Can you tell us about your current book, For Her Protection?
Sure! This book is about a woman struggling with her identity and her place in the world, what she wants verses what people tell her she can do/be. It’s very close to my heart as I struggled with these same issues, particularly when I became a mother. I also wanted to write about a sexy dirty-talking alpha male who wasn’t an oppressive force on the heroine! I totally believe the hero can have mad-awesome sex powers, and also be a positive entity.


Charlize Halifax has a big last name and even bigger duty to uphold. Left to pick up the pieces of her family’s haemorrhaging communications empire, there’s no time for distractions. But when her take-no-prisoners management style lands her in physical danger, distraction arrives in the form of infuriating body guard Connor Crowe. 

Having crossed swords with him that very morning, she knows a man who thinks he can push her around has no place in her life—especially when his cave man heroics kick her libido into hyper drive.

Yet when the threat to Charlize’s safety becomes outright attack, she knows there’s only one man she’d trust with her life.
Resisting Connor’s intrusion into her life is easy, denying his affect on her body, now that’s another thing...

Please describe the hero and heroines attributes.
Charlize is determined, and that determination usually leads to a bucket load of hard-headiness. She is also someone who tries really hard to make a difference but it sometimes lands her in trouble.

Connor is protective to his core. As a former cop and now a bodyguard, he considers protecting damsels his duty…even if those damsels aren’t too keen on his methods. Lucky for him his more seductive attributes have a way of getting him out of the firing line.

What can readers expect next from you?
For Her Protection is a part of contracted three book series, so you can definitely expect more hot bodyguards, even a female bodyguard! I am also working on several other books.

If you could have dinner with 5 people, who would you choose and why?
David Gandy, Joe Magniello, Matt Bomer, Charlie Hannum, Jericho Barrons (whoops is he fictional?), as for why... I could write it down but that story would change my series line…

What’s the best advice you can give to an inspiring author?
Keep writing. No seriously, keep writing new books. I know people say it but it is really the best thing you can do. Don’t obsess over one manuscript. Move on to the next and give the first breathing space, then go back to it with fresh eyes. It took me a long time to get that, but once I did it changed the game.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?
Mindreading. I guess that’s just the sticky-nose in me.

A few fun questions:
Coffee or Tea?
Coffee all the way.

Shoes or barefoot?

Favorite ice cream?
Cookies and Cream.

Early bird or night owl?
Somewhere in-between.

Amber A Bardan
After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her days as a graphic designer but her nights writing scintillating tales about heroes with tough exteriors who are warm inside.

She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.

WINNER of NTRWA ‘Great Expectations’ Award 2013
2nd Place Winner Charter Oak RWA ‘Golden Oak’ Award 2013
2nd Place Winner GSRWA 2013 Emerald City Opener Contest

ADD For Her Protection to your Goodreads shelf! 


I hope everyone will come back January 27 for Amber's big cover reveal I'll be posting.

Thanks again Amber for stopping by today. Please stop back next Wednesday, January 29 when Lisa Carlisle will be here.

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