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Author Wednesdays-Cerise Deland Author Interview & Guest Post

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Welcome to my blog! I hope everyone who is having record cold temperatures has found a way to keep warm! If you need some help with that, I'm sure checking out some of my guest Author for today, Cerise Deland's book covers can help you heat up. Enjoy our interview!

How difficult is it to emulate Jane Austen's voice?
With many Regencies in my backlist, I took on adding to Jane's Sense and Sensibility with glee…and not enough trepidation.  Lucky for me, my editor was an even better devotee of Jane than I.
She demanded more and more of me in terms of approaching Jane's voice—and forced  me to go back and read other works by Jane to "get in the mood" and her head. I learned a lot from the experience.

What are the elements you found most rewarding about adding to Austen's Sense and Sensibility?
I do believe that one of the reasons Jane's works persist in popularity is that we can see beyond her words, understand her people beyond what she gave them on the page. We can feel Elizabeth Barrett's anguish with Darcy's loss, for example. And so later, when she and Darcy resolve their conflicts, we can see them making love.

I wanted to do this for the two sisters in Sense and Sensibility. They pine, they mourn, they need a happy ending…but I could imagine that they needed a bit of encouragement to feel the way they did about their men. I gave them that…and enjoyed the heck out of it!

Do you think it is viable to add to a classic work? In what ways?
I know that many people violently object to any alterations of any classic works.

Yet, we watch TV adaptations and film adaptations of famous novels all the time. We judge the work based on its integrity, not as an adaptation to much as a whole work which delivers the right theme, premise and moral of the story.

I assert that an erotic adaptation of a work by the most popular of all romance authors is a viable addition to our entertainment.

Tell us about your qualifications to "write with Jane"!
As a trained historian and avid reader of non-fiction and fiction from the Regency period, I feel superb about adapting Austen's works into a sub-genre I know and understand.  

I see Jane's works as romances. I see them as true representations of the period…and I do believe that in that period, women did experience erotic romantic attachments. We know however that few of that period would talk freely about them. But sex has been around since the dawn of time. We know. We're still here and we got here because women and men engaged in sexual congress. Often. And not all of them, I am quite certain, did it without some decadent enjoyment.

The Dashwood sisters love too passionately…and, it seems, without reciprocal feelings from the men they choose. But lust can change a man…and a woman.

If love is never sane, then lust certainly is all passion.

 Elinor Dashwood cannot explain her affection for polite, reserved Edward Ferrars. In contrast, her younger sister Marianne endlessly extols the visage and virtues of dashing John Willoughby. Frustrated and lonely, Elinor yearns for Edward’s touch and some declaration of his regard. Yet she loves him.

Marianne eagerly surrenders to rapture in Willoughby’s arms—and cannot even consider the constancy of quiet, compassionate Colonel Brandon. Neither sister can escape the draw of lust. But as they learn more about those men they adore, they learn that love can be both sensible and sensational.

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Totally Bound


The carriages were then ordered; Willoughby's was first, and Marianne never looked happier than when she got into it. He drove through the park very fast, and they were soon out of sight; the entire party, save Elinor, laughing at their departure.

Marianne exulted in Willoughby’s dashing act. Curling her arm through his as he drove, she settled against him.

“I daresay, my dear girl, I feel your body purring like a cat’s."

Gazing up at his striking face, she admired his roguish beauty and the fact that he was hers.

“When I am with you, I am a cat.”

He reigned the horses to a halt and caught her against him. “I like you wild and clawing at me. Shall I encourage you to do that?”

She tossed him a saucy glance, her shoulder up, her chin to one side. “Do as you will, Willoughby. I am yours.”

Capturing her hand, he pressed it to his chest. But she was not satisfied with so staid a sample of his charms, she trailed her hand downward to his flies where her fingers cupped his swollen flesh and kneaded his manly attributes.

“I say,” he gasped, his hand covering hers, “You are a minx. I lose my breath, my mind.”

She arched a brow. “But not your erection.”

“Never. Not with you in my reach.”

“I pray you, show me this proud declaration of your regard for me.”

“No. You are but a girl.

“Your girl, you rogue.” She massaged his cock and balls. “This package must be unwrapped.” She worked at his buttons and soon his red warrior stood straight up, the helmet bold and proud, droplets of delights oozing from his slit. “Oh, this is quite perfect, Willoughby. I have never seen anything so tall and thick. Oh. And he moves! He jerks for me. Shall I reward him?”

“Do, do,” Willoughby encouraged her, sighing and biting his lower lip. “He awaits your fine touch.”

She rubbed her thumb over the pearls dribbling from his seam. “He gives more and more. I am enchanted, Willoughby. What more can I do to show him my enthusiasm?”

“Kiss him.”

“Oh,” she enthused and bent to the act. “He is luscious. Hot and hard, the skin soft and yet so malleable. How do you do this, Willoughby?”

Laughing, he collapsed backward to the seat and let her have her way. “It is natural, my pet. I give all to you. That is my fondest pleasure.”

“Do you, dear sir?” Teasing him, she kissed his cock once more, licking her lips between her blessings to his member. “Show me your aunt’s house then.” She took all of his fine manhood down her throat, hearing him groan his approval of her act.

“Shall I?” he seemed to ask himself more than her.

“Of course. We need more…room for our pleasures, would you not say?” She let her eyes dance at him. The merry idea of a couch, a bed, a carpeted floor to lay him down and suck on his marvellous member filled her heart with rapture.

“I do, I do.” He pushed her up from him, fumbling to button his flies. “I need to have your mouth on me until completion.”

“Completion?” She sat back, allowing him his haste and preening that she had led him to it, even though her breasts ached and her lower body pulsed with need of him. “What is that?”

He caught her chin. “Heaven."

“Take me there,” she entreatied him. “Now.”

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY needed all those Dangly Bits, don’t you think?
Jane Austen I know well. She and I travel the same time periods together. True, only in my mind…but then a lot of us really dig Regency. When I saw that TotallyBound Publishing was re-doing the Classics, I jumped at the chance to do Jane…and SENSE AND SENSIBILITY with the erotic twists she might have forgotten to include.

Have you read S AND S? (You may have seen the movies.) S AND S is about two sisters who fall in love and in lust with men who are so well matched for them that heartbreak ensues.

The older sister Elinor gets feverish thinking of Edward, a young man whom she knows well…and perhaps not well enough to count on him claiming her hand as well as her heart. She pines, she yearns. He demurs. Finally, the two of them engage in a few close encounters which leave both of them wanting what they cannot have. Each other.

Meanwhile, the younger sister has the hots for a dude named WILLOUGHBY. Handsome and witty, he dances attendance upon her and then one day, he puts her in his carriage, leaves the country party in the dust and takes Marianne to his aunt’s home. A Big No-No to do in 1811.
Copyright, 2012-2013, Jane Austen and Cerise DeLand.

Author Bio:
What’s an East Coast gal to do to if she lives deep in the heart of Texas, travels often everywhere, and adores Paris, Florence, London, Tokyo and all points east and west?


She becomes an author who can write about those romantic places. With a passion for cowboys, spies, rakes, knights in shining armor and their gutsy women, Cerise DeLand is an author who adores an alpha male with a tender heart and a need for a smoldering erotic love affair with the right woman!

Cerise is a Top 20 Best Selling author on Amazon with more than three dozen works published in erotic romance, and she is the award-winning author of mystery, mainstream and romance with St. Martin’s Press, Pocket Books and Kensington. Her books are on numerous book clubs, including Featured Selections of The Mystery Guild, Doubleday and Rhapsody. And when she isn’t dreaming up fiction or traveling? Cerise is a fabulous cook and an avid history buff.

Busy lady. Happy writer.

Contact Cerise:

Blurb:            Swords of Passion #3
Defying his king, Geoffrey St. Claire invades a dungeon to save the woman he loves from cruel death. This time, he vows, he will save her and make her love him—or die trying.

Countess Katherine Harleigh knew her refusal to become King John’s lover courted his punishment. But she never thought he’d try to starve her. Cast into a dungeon—widowed, alone and disgraced—Kat fears no one can save her. Not even the one knight who always promised to love and protect her.

Geoffrey St. Claire serves his Sire as loyally as a sane man can. But when John imprisons the one woman Geoff has always adored, he risks his lands and his life to ride to her rescue. Yet, he knows she will never welcome his aid. She hates him too much for deserting her years ago. But he will not leave her this time.

Now, Geoff plans to save her from death and despair, nurse her back to health and then persuade her to love him as wholly as she once did. Seduction in her bath, her bed, her chamber is his only method and he prays he can restore her love for him before John appears with an army to take her from him once more…this time, forever.

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Totally Bound

 Blurb:          Swords of Passion #2
When a king's man claims a woman he shouldn't have, he chains her to him anyway with bonds of desire that rival all the king's men.

Will Dunwick takes one look at lush widow Blanche Bergeron and knows she can never be his.

But when she runs from him—and he chains her to him lest she flee again—he binds himself to her body, heart and soul.

Can Will free himself of his obsession—or will both of them lose their lives for a love affair they should never have consummated?

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Blurb:     Swords of Passion #1

The one man Elise Dumond has always craved is the one man she should not have in her bed - or in her heart.

Elise Dumond has always done her duty to her aging husband. But when the lovely Countess learns her dying spouse has paid a bounty to her childhood friend to father a child with her, Elise trembles at the prospect of being possessed by the famous knight who is now a legendary lover.

Simon de la Poer is determined to claim Elise in all the imaginative ways he has yearned for these past ten years. As he teaches her the joys of exotic pleasure, she revels in their passion. Their rekindled love burns fast and bright, inciting their enemies to try to tear them apart with lies—and murder.

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Totally Bound

Blurb:                 Seals On Fire Series

Getting in the party mood for a weekend away with his SEAL teammates is no easy deal for “Zeus” Calderon. He’s hung up on a woman he saved from terrorists months ago, but he should be able to forget a gutsy blonde reporter who showed resilience and humor under fire. Shouldn’t he?
Kim Stansfield got the instant hots for the hunky Navy SEAL who led her out of harm’s way—and she’s got proof Zeus feels the same about her. He’s stubborn, but she’s devised a plan to conquer him.
When she shows up in Key West and surprises him on the beach, Zeus learns that once in a lifetime a man meets a woman he can’t forget—and every day without her is no easy day.

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Part of the Naughty Sleepover, One Night Stand series 


When a va-va-voom redhead walks into Luke Hurley’s bar, he vows to get to know her. But she escapes him every time, her family besieging her. Luke wants to save her. Hell, he wants to savor her if he can only figure out how to intrigue her…and nail her. Luke has his hands full of the classiest, funniest female he’s ever met for one naughty night. But will she love him tomorrow?

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Barnes & Noble

Cerise writes a lot of Regency period novels. All erotic romances. But she does others, too. See them all here:

Whew!!!!!  Did any of those covers help warm you up??? I'm nice and cozy now (fanning self)
I hope you enjoyed learning more about Cerise and her books. Stop back next Wednesday when Cassandra Carr will be here.

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