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Author Wednesdays-John Tucker!!!!!!

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Hello and welcome to my blog, For Whom The Books Toll. Today is the first Wednesday in February and so it's Author Wednesday, and my guest today is John Tucker. Thanks for stopping by today, John.
Sit back, relax and enjoy our interview:

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
My writing career started as part of my mid-life crisis at the age of 45. I’d always wanted to write a novel and finally sat down at my crappy HP computer and wrote..and wrote…and wrote. My first effort was a bloated 300,000 word piece of crap. Having no college behind me and a public high school education, I had to re-train myself on punctuation, sentence syntax, and gerunds. After joining an online community that helps it’s members write better (Internet Writers Workshop) I churned out seven novels in three years and have never looked back.

What was your ideal career when you were a child? 
I had a different goal every year. From a policeman, to an astronaut, to a movie star. I settled for being a father (two sons), husband (three wives) and a career manager at a fast food place.

Do you have any writing rituals? 
I write better at night, armed with hard candies and tootsie roll pops. I usually listen to a playlist with mostly soft music and a few up tempo selections. I tend to plot out a book, chapter by chapter, until I start the actual writing process. After that, I’m a pantser to some degree.

What scene for you was the hardest to write and how did you overcome that obstacle? 
My first attempt at Erotica – Twelve Doors to Ecstasy – had several detailed sex scenes that had me so…self-conscious it was funny. In my other novels, I either heavily truncated a sex scene or skipped it completely and let the reader fill in the naughty blanks. Basically, I cheated. I watched a few adult movies to see how the professionals made love, took notes, and formulated the scenes I needed for the novel. Needless to say, writing an erotic novel was liberating and frightening at the same time – at least until the positive reviews started to come in.

Can you tell us about your current book, The Seventh Seal? 
The Seventh Seal is the third book of my Bemused and Bedeviled Series. In the first book – Terpsichore in Love – I introduced the readers to Dan Gordon, the Nine Muses, Three Sirens, and the other denizens of Heaven and Hades. Dan and Terpsichore met, fell in love, and battled through adversity for the remainder of the book. Book two – The Mark of Cain – started the mythology that will take precedence over the rest of the series. Dan Gordon discovers he is destined to lead a rogue group of celestials (The Antediluvians) in their effort to purify the universe of good and evil and substitute balance and logical continuity. Along the way he finds a new love, makes some new enemies, and develops powers that leave him confused and exuberant. The Seventh Seal illuminates the secretive members of the Antediluvians and their desires to unite Dan (Apollyon) with the cosmic love of his life – a Muse they’ve identified as The Seventh Seal of Revelations and a woman who will help him turn the universe upside down. The book also features the first appearance of lethal Harpies (the Grim Reapers of the cosmos), new characters (a Siren named Severance and Marcus Gordon (Dan’s little brother and the Antichrist), and amplifies the increasingly dangerous tone of the second book.

What can readers expect next from you? 
I’m currently working on sequels to Romancing the Fox (Chasing the Fox) and The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight (The Little Girl Who Cried at Midnight.) Romancing the Fox introduced readers to a good girl turned porn star – Jenna Fox – who won a coveted legitimate movie role with a producer who falls in love with her at first sight. Chasing the Fox deals with the making of their movie, their continued battles with enemies who try to destroy their romance, and the major distractions that can come between a couple with a few skeletons in their closets. The Little Girl Who Cried at Midnight deals with Steph Linder’s first real case as a fledgling police officer. A serial killer is targeting random preteens and blowing them up with explosives to make a point about bad doctors and politicians. Steph, her police mentors, and assorted friends try to help her stop the fiend before he finishes his sinister manifesto.

If you could have dinner with 5 people, who would you choose and why? 
I’ll assume these are living or dead people. Here goes – Stephen King (Favorite Writer), Henry the VIII (British Monarch), Carrie Nation (Prohibitionist), Olivia Wilder (Celebrity/Crush), and Betty White (for the comedy.)

Other than writing, what are some of your passions in life? 
I love watching movies – Drama, Horror, Independent, Foreign, Action-Adventure, and even Musicals. I have a collection of over 500 DVD/BluRays and love to talk and debate anything I’ve seen.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose? 
The power to mentally persuade people.

Here's a few fun questions:

Pepsi or Coke? 

Salty or Sweet? 
Both – I love Payday candy bars and Brach’s new combo bag of peanuts and candy corn is soooooo addictive.

Chocolate or vanilla? 
Yeah, I’m a sucker for plain Vanilla – but I like it with caramel sauce, nuts, and a cherry.

Favorite color? 
It’s always been Purple for as long as I can remember.

I really enjoy learning interesting facts and fun things about authors. John, you had some great answers and loved the wit and humor too.

A life-long Georgia native, John D. Tucker has burned through three wives, raised two sons, and has persevered despite being brought up in a wonderfully dysfunctional family. Following on the heels of his novels Divisive, The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight, Romancing the Fox, Terpsichore in Love, The Fifth Game, and The Mark of Cain, he plans to release three more books over the course of the next few months - the erotic fantasy Twelve Doors to Ecstasy, the morally raw Splits in the Skin, and the third book in the Bemused and Bedeviled series The Seventh Seal. He is a proud member of IWW (The Internet Writers Workshop) and Scribeslice, both of which he highly recommends to aspiring authors.

Contact John:

Bemused and Bedeviled Book One
Terpsichore, one of nine Muses living on Earth while they advise mortals, falls in love with Daniel Gordon; a man who displays special powers after coming into contact with her. While they keep their relationship intact, Terpsichore and Dan have to deal with her disparate sisters, the forces of Heaven who want to end their romance, and the legions of Hades who think the mortal is the prophesied Antichrist. Can their love survive the coming apocalypse?

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Bemused and Bedeviled Book Two

As Terpsichore and Dan try to save their rocky relationship, Lucifer and the members of his satanic realm intensify their efforts into bringing the special mortal into their flock. While Calypso continues her quest to convert Calliope to the dark side, Chanteuse slowly draws Dan into her web of lust. Will the forces of good prevail, or will the legions of evil seduce Dan and Calliope in choosing the wrong side?

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Bemused and Bedeviled Book Three

His relationship with Terpsichore torn asunder, Daniel Gordon continues on his path of destiny with the Siren Chanteuse and the presence of the shadowy Antediluvians. The action packed third book in the Bemused and Bedeviled saga introduces new romantic relationships, the creation of a new Siren, a clash with death dealing Harpies, a date with three lovable Cupids, and the arrival of the Seventh Seal and the true Antichrist. Find out what happens when Heaven, Hades, and Love Collide.

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Fledgling producer John McKenzie seeks to give his first movie some Hollywood buzz by hiring a porn actress to star in it. After flying to Los Angeles to interview seven preselected women, McKenzie makes his decision and shocks himself by falling in love with the actress he calls 'The One.'

While she gradually warms to his confident, but unrealistic notions about love and relationships, the mismatched couple find their budding romance hindered by well-meaning friends, bitter enemies, and jealous associates. 

Romancing the Fox is an adult contemporary romance/drama/comedy that will pull at your heartstrings, tickle your funny bone, and make you believe in love, while giving you a peek at the carnal machinations of the adult movie industry.

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Enter a mysterious millionaire who runs an organization that promises to 'cure' sexually inhibited women. When Tryst answers an newspaper ad that promises to make her more 'complete,' she finds herself in a situation where her deepest fantasies could end up becoming a dangerous prison.

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I'd like to thank John again for stopping by today and taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Stop by next Wednesday, when my guest will be, D. Renee Bagby.

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