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BMP-Marilyn Vix's Never Marry A Warlock Book Blast & Giveaway!!!

Hello and welcome to my stop on Marilyn Vix's Never Marry A Warlock Book Blast & Giveaway! So fill out that rafflecopter and visit the other stops on the tour.

Title: Never Marry A Warlock                         

Author: Marilyn Vix
Beware Of Warlocks Novelette, #1
Genre:  paranormal romance
Publication Date: October 4, 2013

Catherine walks in on her husband in bed with her best friend. What is a woman to do? It helps that she is a witch. Unfortunately, so is her husband. Before you can say spell battle, Catherine high tails it up the coast of California to clear her head. Lucky for her, she finds an Aussie hitchhiker. She's going to have to face her husband in the awaiting spell battle. Can she have a little fun with her new found boy toy, or will he get scorched in the foreplay? 

ON SALE at Kobo and Amazon for ONLY $0.99 through February. 

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Excerpt 3:
Throwing money on the table, I grabbed his hand and pulled him from the booth. I led him to the elevator. 
“What did you have in mind?” He hit the button and leaned toward me.
“You’ll have to wait and see.” I leaned into his neck and whispered into his ear. “Keeps you guessing.”
“Do I get three guesses?” he whispered back.
“Yes, but you only have until the elevator arrives,” I said, looking at the elevator count down the floors as it came down to pick us up. 
“Is it bigger than a bread basket?”
“Yes.” I grinned, moving away to see if my bait was working, and looked back at the numbers. Four, three… Why was it taking so long? I hit the button to get it to move faster.
“Is it smaller than a thimble?”
“That depends on what you do with it.” I smiled at him, as he leaned closer to me again. I could feel his breath near the back of my neck as I still watched the elevator’s progress. 
“Is it something that needs a lot of rubbing?” He started to wrap his arms around my waist, grabbing me from behind. 
“You can think of yourself as Aladdin. I’m the lamp.”

Marilyn is a debut paranormal romance novelist. She enjoys the characters that just don't fit in. From witches to time traveling researchers, she is letting her imagination soar to explore new worlds. Marilyn has traveled to Paris, London, Sydney, and Munich. She loves to include these in her settings. Best of all is letting her readers enjoy her adventures through the perspective of a character. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and cat. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.

The Giveaway:
GRAND PRIZE: $25 Amazon Gift Card
RUNNERS UP:  2 Runner Up will EACH receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card

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