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Review for Jewel of the East by Victoria Vane


Title: Jewel of the East
Author: Victoria Vane
Publisher: Vane Publishing LLC
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication date: January 18, 2014
Length: 191 pgs
Book Series and number: Devil DeVere book 5
Rating: 4 1/2
Heat Rating: Spicy

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll
4 1/2, Spicy

Maimed by misfortune… healed by love…
His wounds run deep…Having once lived his life only for larks, laughter, and ladies of easy virtue, Captain Simon Singleton has returned from war a shambles of a man. Although free from six years of captivity, he's still fettered by fears that confine him to a life of seclusion.

Her scars are well-hidden…
Once the crowning jewel of the most lavish brothel in London, the exotic Salime finds her reputation and livelihood destroyed by a bitter rival. With a closely guarded secret stripped away, she fears no man will ever desire her again. Seeking aid from one who once saved her life, she accepts a proposition to become a companion to his war-scarred friend.

But love is the eternal cure…
When circumstance brings these two damaged souls together, fate ignites a love story worthy of the Arabian Nights.

Jewel of the East by Victoria Vane is book five in the ongoing story of three men who met at Westminster School and became life long friends.
All of the books have been emotional, fun, witty, well written page-turners. The characters are so life like, they seem to jump off the page, and are easy to connect with.
Believed killed in America, Simon has spent 6 years as a prisoner of war. Seeing and living atrocities that a gentle spirited man like Simon should have never been exposed to. Badly injured in the war in America, not just physically, also mentally, he returns home and sequesters himself in his room because he is unable to be around people. He hasn't been able to write anything, there is no inspiration. My heart ached for Simon and all that he had suffered. I was on the verge of tears.
When his friends, Ludovic and Ned hear the news he's alive and back in England, they rush to see him. Knowing Simon won't be the same carefree, fun loving man as before, both are still shocked at Simon's appearance. He's unkempt, pale, thin and his eyes have lost their sparkle. I felt so bad for Simon, I just wanted to do anything to offer him comfort. He wants to be able to be around people, but the darkness rises up and prevents him from doing so. Ned and DeVere feel helpless in their inability to help him.

Salime knows something is going on at King's Place, she just doesn't hasn't figured it all out. Some of her personal items have gone missing, now her clients aren't keeping their appointments. Determined to get to the bottom of what's happening, Salime heads to the main floor. She finds out her clients are showing up, just not in her quarters. Her long time rival Kitty, and now owner of King's Place is poaching the men. Kitty is pretending to be Salime! At a loss as to what to do now, Salime sends a message to Lord DeVere asking for protection. I get to know a little more about Salime in this book. She still remains a little secretive and maybe somewhat aloof. Her character, for me was just a little harder to get to know.

Ludovic has no idea what Salime needs, but he doesn't hesitate to offer his help. I believe that Lord DeVere is a match-maker at heart. He only wants the best for his friends. Although he has a tough as nails exterior, Lord DeVere is caring and loving. He has an idea to help both Salime and Simon. Salime needs a place to live and Simon needs time to heal. He offers both his home in London. Sometimes I just have to chuckle at the wit and humor Ms. Vane gives her characters.

When Simon first meets Salime he is fascinated by her exotic beauty and her mysterious ways. He has to fight the demons inside just so he can sit in the same room with her. Salime immediately senses that Simon's soul is crying out for help and wants to help him. She knows she must take things slow and not rush Simon. Simon is in heaven and hell at the same time. Salime is his every fantasy come true! Then reality sets in and he knows he can't be with her or even touch her without shuddering. Being from a different culture, I was surprised that Salime understood Simon's need. She shows Simon extreme patience.
As the two spend more time with each other, their hearts become more and more intertwined. Salime fights these feelings and tries to deny them.
Simon however, falls in love with Salime and wants her to stay with him. When he offers to take her to live in the country, she misunderstands and thinks Simon wants to hide her away. Her heart is now involved and she has never let that happen before, and it frightens her. Salime feels she can't stay any longer so when Simon is called away from DeVere House, she once again asks Lord DeVere for help. I really liked the stories Salime shared with Simon.

I didn't want Salime to leave Simon because I thought it would break his heart and his spirit and he would go back to being a hermit. I was really happy when he decided to go after her.

Ms. Vane has written two extraordinary people who both have terrible sadness in their lives and brought them together. This story is full of emotions, sadness, loneliness, happiness and joy. It also flowed well and had character growth. There was a lot of sexual tension and a lot of sparks and intense sex. I hope that there will be a Devlish Vignette for Simon and Salime just to see how they are doing. Another must read from Victoria Vane.

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