Monday, March 10, 2014

RNP Presents- Angel Payne's Wet for Her Warriors Virtual Blog Tour & Giveaway!!!

Today I'm hosting Angel Payne's Wet for Her Warriors Virtual Blog Tour & Giveaway!! Angel is giving one lucky person a $100 Amazon Gift Card!!! So make sure to fill out the rafflecopter form for your chance to win.  Thanks for stopping by today and good luck!!

Thanks for stopping by today Angel.

*Waves* HELLO, everyone! Angel here; so excited to be hosted by a new blog for my newest blog tour, celebrating the release of WET FOR HER WARRIORS.

If you’re not familiar yet with the WILD Boys of Special Forces series, I hope that you will give my guys a try soon. And yes, “WILD” actually IS an acronym! It stands for “Warriors Intense in Love & Domination.” As you can surmise from that, these men are rough, rugged, and READY for the passion of a good woman. I’m fond of saying they enjoy blowing up the enemy…then going home to blow up the bedroom.

The books are all written to stand alone, so don’t worry if you “jump in” out of order—on the other hand, if you’re OCD and need to read in order, I totally get it! The books are:

#1: Saved By His Submissive
#2: Handcuffed By Her Hero
#3: Surrendering To Her Sergeant
#4: A WILDer Wonderland – Sexy Stories For The Season

And number 5 is the newest release, WET FOR HER WARRIORS.

I sincerely hope you have a great time with the books. They are a joy and honor to write, and partial profits from each book go to help our nation’s veterans. I donate to The Wounded Warrior Project, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and the DAV Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Title: Wet  for Her Warriors
Author: Angel Payne
Series: Wild Boys #5

Tait Bommer’s call-sign, T-Bomb, has never described him more accurately. When he’s not pissing someone off or scaring them witless, he’s now the First Special Forces Group’s official loose cannon, responsible for a major screw-up on their most recent mission. His mess has earned him two weeks of mandated R&R on the shores of Kauai, where the ultimatum is clear: straighten his head or don’t return to active duty. But he’s such a train wreck that even his best friend, Kellan Rush, isn’t happy about having to pull babysitting duty.

When the guys find their "vacation" interrupted on by a stranger bearing nothing but a glare, a Bowie knife, and a lot of curves in a tiny bikini, they wonder if the trip hasn’t been hijacked by the island spirits—because surely they’ve found a goddess in the dark-haired beauty who not only sees their emotional scars, but opens their spirits by slowly exposing her own soul.

“Therapy” takes on magical new meaning when three illicit desires collide in nights of explosive passion…and their goddess’s sweet submission. Neither man wants to leave their island paradise, a torment that's intensified when an old adversary threatens to steal their goddess forever--and rip their friendship apart. Tait and Kellan must decide to let anger and jealousy triumph, or unite as brothers at arms for the most important mission of their lives, in the name of the greatest cause of all: saving the woman they love.

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Author Bio:

Well, hello there! My name is Angel, and I’m so happy to meet you.

Like many, I’ve had a journey to get here.

I’ve loved reading all my life, and have been writing nearly that long, too. I think it started when I penned an 80-page novel about a time-traveling family for a 5th-grade school project. You could say I was hooked. In middle school, I moved to the hardcore stuff: the paragraph-at-a-time “swap-stories” with all my besties. (C’mon…don’t lie…you remember those too!) Needless to say, the stories featured lots of French kissing, mindless groping and angsty drama – but I knew I’d found a niche when I was invited to participate in several more swap-stories on campus.

Some years, various entertainment writing gigs and a half-dozen historical romances later, I discovered the world of erotica – and home. (Not to mention a great place for all that angst I never gave up.)  I love this genre – change that to love this genre – and hope my stories speak to your heart as well as your blood pressure, as well as your courage to explore new things and express your truth in beautiful new ways.

And where do I do all this? Well, if you ask my hubz, he’d likely say “on another planet,” especially if I’m in story-brewing mode! The rest of the time, I live in Southern California with him and our gorgeous child, where I’m abnormally interested in travel, coffee, wine, shoes, super heroes, fetish wear, ridiculous pop culture trends – but most of all, hearing from fellow readers and erotica lovers like you!

Remember: play safe, love completely and never, ever be ashamed to live your truth.

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  1. Somehow missed that the series was up to #5, just started #2. This one looks yummy, going to be a lot of reading this week so i can get to this one.

  2. I am so excited for the next installment of the WILD series. I've been waiting for Wet For Her Warriors.

  3. Angel's book couldn't be released at a better time. Best birthday month ever for me and as an added bonus keeping my mind off my kid turning 18 this month too.

  4. Wow, sounds like a great read! I can't wait to read this.. thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I'm in So Cal, wasn't it beautiful today! Starting book 1 tonight.

    Shannon F

  6. Sounds like an awesome series!

  7. Looking forward to reading this series. Sounds great!