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~~Author Wednesdays-Cerise Deland~~

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Hello and welcome to Author Wednesdays at For Whom The Books Toll. My guest today is Cerise Deland. Welcome Cerise. And I see you're not alone. Who did you bring with you?
Character Interview!  LADY VARNEY’s RISQUE BUSINESS hero, Justin Belmont is in the house!

1. Justin Belmont is an American. So how does he feel about being named a Viscount?
I am delighted that my grandfather has named me his heir to the Earldom. Yes, I am and was an illegitimate son but without any other legitimate heirs, I find that I am now able to enter English society and pursue my one goal in life.

2. And just what is that one goal, Justin?
Years ago, when I was a privateer sailing out of American harbors, I sailed a ship attacked by Barbary pirates. Taking them quickly as prisoners, I also took a young Englishwoman whom they had captured days before when they won a battle with an English merchant ship.  That lady whom I saved was an English baroness. But her father forbid me to court her. I was unacceptable to him and he ordered Kitty to marry an old man, a titled one, instead. That broke her heart. And mine.

Now that I am accepted by the ton, I recently learned that Kitty is a widow. What’s more, she runs a business. God knows why. But the business is one I plan to use to make my way to see her.

3. So just what is this business and what are your plans?
Kitty makes matches for men in search of a bride. She earns excellent money at this and I now have money. More than I ever need.  I plan to hire her to find a wife for me. One to my specifications. My very particular tastes!

I know she cannot refuse me.  I plan to ask for quite a bit from her—and her skills. 

4.   Tell us about your specifications for a wife.
I want one who is blonde, a noblewoman in her own right, a blueblood. While I understand those are very specific and noblewomen who carry their own title are few and far between, nonetheless, I need that in my spouse. It legitimizes me further, don’t you see?

And then there is the one element I demand in a wife: Her willingness in bed. I will not take a cold fish to my sheets. Why should I? Kitty must understand this and accept it. I need to learn if each candidate is a sensuous woman.

But I wish to review only one woman’s talents in that arena. Kitty.

5. What will you do if she refuses you?
I think she loved me years ago. I intend to make her love me more now. And if I cannot have her, I will return to America and take up my ship again.

I cannot bear to think of her alone for the rest of her life. And me as well.


Lady Kitty Varney runs a discreet, but risqué matchmaking business to support herself and pay off her late husband's debts. When Viscount Justin Belmont appears in her parlor, Kitty's latest client is the very man she was forbidden to marry years ago. Kitty wonders if she can find Justin a woman worthy of him…and if she can bear to match him to another.

But when Justin lists his own criteria for a wife, Kitty is among the few candidates suitable. And he demands each candidate spend one night of bliss with him in his love nest.

Can Kitty deny herself the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the man she's never forgotten? Lady Varney's risqué business might be her saving grace—but it may well become her undoing.


What’s an East Coast gal to do to if she lives deep in the heart of Texas, travels often everywhere, and adores Paris, Florence, London, Tokyo and all points east and west?


She becomes an author who can write about those romantic places. With a passion for cowboys, spies, rakes, knights in shining armor and their gutsy women, Cerise DeLand is an author who adores an alpha male with a tender heart and a need for a smoldering erotic love affair with the right woman!

Cerise is a Top 20 Best Selling author on Amazon with more than three dozen works published in erotic romance, and she is the award-winning author of mystery, mainstream and romance with St. Martin’s Press, Pocket Books and Kensington. Her books are on numerous book clubs, including Featured Selections of The Mystery Guild, Doubleday and Rhapsody. And when she isn’t dreaming up fiction or traveling? Cerise is a fabulous cook and an avid history buff.

Busy lady. Happy writer.

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Thank you Cerise and Justin for being here today. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.
Ceries has many many great books, make sure to visit her website and check them out!

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