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~~Review for Dirty As Sin by Leanore Elliott~~

Title: Dirty As Sin
Author: Leanore Elliott
Publisher: Wicked Muse Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publication date: September 6, 2012
ISBN: None
ASIN: B009700KCM
Length: 97 pages
Book Series and number: N/A
Rating: 4
Heat Rating: Scorching

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll
4, Scorching

Man Of The Night, Sexy Rex…
His work was every man’s dream and every woman’s fantasy.
His calling was a true religious experience. His field of endeavor is to please women; he loves all sizes, all colors and as long as they’re the age of consent, he will most certainly oblige you. Rex uses his talents to get you off, and his favorite part of the job? To make you scream and cream until the sun comes up.

My Review:
Rex Harris has the best job ever! His job is to please women, all types of women. Sexy Rex is so very talented and good at what he does. Originally, he wanted to be an actor, and he still tries out for parts, but his night time work is where he makes the real money. Rex doesn't consider himself the gigolo others do, in fact, to him a gigolo has only one woman to please. He doesn't have time for a serious relationship, to let his heart rule his head. Rex tried that once, thought he found the woman of his dreams and then one day she was just gone. It was this woman who had propositioned Rex while he was walking down the street. He didn't really think she was serious, but she was and the weeks he had spent with her were the best of his life. Rex tried to get Ava out of his system by screwing as many women as he could. One day a mysterious woman came into his life, one that had bought his night life company, and promised him that terrible things would happen if he didn't do as she said. With little choice, Rex goes along with Mimi and sets sail on a private yacht. Rex is absolutely stunned when he sees the name of the ship, AVA. Rex meets Ava's husband Tino, who is also Mimi's brother and acts like he's never met Ava before. Rex gradually pieces together Mimi's plot to make Ava look bad in front of Tino. Ava is shocked to the core when Mimi brings Rex on board. She doesn't believe that Rex had no knowledge of Mimi's plans, but she can't stay away from him and the two have several nights of passionate love making. Rex knows he needs to get off the ship and get back to his life, and that might be impossible now that he's been with Ava again.

Secrets, secrets and more secrets. Dirty As Sin by Leanore Elliott has more secrets than Carter's has pills. Ava has secrets, Mimi has secrets, Tino has secrets and they are all so delicious. For me, the story started out a little on the slow side, the ratcheted up quickly when the mysterious Mimi came onto the scene.

Ms. Elliott does a fantastic job of pacing the rest of the book, it also has a lot of emotion and a tons of sexual tension that kept me turning to pages. And just when I thought the last secret was divulged, another one pops up to add to the storyline.

Rex is the pretty lucky in that he loves what he does. He still clings to the hope of becoming an actor, and later discovers that each client gives him the ability to be that actor. I liked Rex and really came to root for him as the story on the ship unfolded. When push came to shove, Rex was all about doing what was right even if it meant he might not get his happy ever after.

Ava was a little harder to get to know, and when I did, it was very hard not to sympathize with her situation. Ava was also a strong woman and I admired her for that strength.

Ms. Elliott's characters are larger than life, they just seem to leap from the page and grab your attention. I also enjoy the bits of humor and wit that get thrown into Dirty As Sin. This is such a fun book and I totally enjoyed it.

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