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~~Review for The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End by Will Versuch~~

Title: The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End
Author: Will Versuch
Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications, LLC
Genre: BDSM/Contemporary
Publication date: July 20, 2012
ISBN: 9781937831493
Length: 149 pages
Book Series and number: The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End Book 3
Rating: 3 ½
Heat Rating: Scorching

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the authorin exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll
3 1/2, Scorching

Will Versuch, author of The Mayor’s Daughter: Draft Pony and The Mayor’s Daughter 2: Stablemate has brought us the end of this thrilling storyline. In the third and final installation of the Mayor's Daughter trilogy, Jessica and Allison's struggle inside the Mill continues. Both girls have known what it means to be a Draft Pony, locked in leather and forced to toil under the control of their owner. Life as a Draft Pony means little rest, strict bondage, and cruel punishment for every infraction of the strict rules.

Jessica has tasted life as a Show Pony and the improvements that it offers. Allison, while serving as a Draft Pony herself, has seen how much better the life of a Show Pony can be, and yearns to reach that level. But there can be only one Show Pony, and the two girls must compete to see who will earn it.

The arrival of Officer Kate Morgan adds a new wrinkle to the workings of the Mill. But is she there to free the girls and end their torment? Or is she just another player in the Mill Owner's game?

The Miller's End will bring Jessica Miller's story to a close. Will she end up as a trained pony slave, sold to the highest bidder as the Mill Owner promised her? Will she find freedom from the Mill? What will her fellow ponygirl Allison’s fate be? And what about the Mayor’s involvement? Will he face justice for his part in his daughter’s torment or will he move on with his political career?

My Review:
Jessica is pitted against Allison for the position of show pony. Jessica is determined to keep her position as show pony, it's still hard work but at least she gets to sleep in a bed. Allison is just as determined to beat Jessica and make her the draft pony again. Allison hates being a draft pony, with little sleep, sexual torment, and continuous labor. Both women are set to tasks they have little chance of completing correctly which means they will be punished cruelly.
Jessica believes their kidnapper favors the new girl, Allison believes he's protecting his favorite, Jessica. So instead of being able to work together and figure out a way of escaping, they are too busy disliking each other and doing what they have to to each other to survive.

When police officer Kate Morgan arrives at the mill, the women are shocked and relieved. The kidnapper turns the tables and distracts Kate and she too becomes a prisoner at the mill. Their tormentor is still playing head games with them and tells both Jessica and Allison different stories about why or how Kate is at the mill. All through their captivity, the kidnapper has filmed the girls during all their training and humiliation. He is also continuing to take viewer requests for new ways to torture his captives. Will Jessica, Allison, and Kate be able to escape or will they have to endure more sexual torment at their captor's hands?

The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End by Will Versuch is the last book in The Mayor's Daughter trilogy. Both books II and III start where the previous books ended so it's easy to follow the story. I really liked that aspect of this trilogy. One of the other things I liked is Mr. Versuch's ability to write such descriptive scenes that I could almost hear the rattle and clank of the chains, or the cries of pain from Jessica and Allison.

I applaud Jessica's ability to decide on a career if she ever escapes. Plus, she's able to find ways to cope with each situation that I would never have thought of.

Allison was a trooper and endured far more than I would have been able to. She was somewhat naive and was easily swayed by whatever the kidnapper told her. But I probably would have done the same thing because of not really knowing what to believe.

Kate was a very strong character, and I really liked her, she was tough, confident, unafraid and a take charge kind of girl. Even while being tortured, she tried to reassure Jessica and Allison.

The kidnapper is just as evil and diabolical in this third book as the other two. He's methodical in his actions and very thorough in making sure his victims aren't able to escape. He doesn't make mistakes. I kept waiting for a mistake or miscalculation and was always hopeful he would get what was coming to him.

Mr. Versuch writes a fantastic story full of twists and turns and emotions. And just when you think the ride is over, it blasts off again for another round of surprises. As in book II, there were many typos that distracted from the storyline.

I think everyone has a secret fantasy or two, and a kidnap fantasy might be one of them, but probably not in the scope that The Mayor's Daughter trilogy is written.

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