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~~Author Wednesdays-Madeline Pryce!!!~~

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Hello!!! It's Wednesday on For Whom The Books Toll and you know what the means. Author Wednesday time. My guest today is Madeline Pryce!!  Thanks for checking out the post. Take it away Madeline.

First off, thank you so much for having me on your blog (which is amazing by the way!) <3 

Today I’m going to share my five most favorite quotes from DARK SECRETS , the second book in the Dark series (via Ellora’s Cave).

Micah and Ella’s love is a hostile-I’ll-strangle-you-one-second and then-rip-off-your-clothes-the-next kind of passion (is there anything better than chemistry that ignites and prickles your skin with electricity?)

1. "Let me clear it the fuck up right now. I didn't think it was possible to love someone as much as I love you. You are in my bones, Ella. In my soul. I can't live without you. You're mine- the man's and the demon's. All the facets of you are embedded in me." - Micah

2.  Anger surged and made his want primitive and violent. I shivered under the the storm of his emotions. "Julian may get you tonight, but it's me who you'll smell like. My come inside your body. My marks on your flesh. I'll make sure you remember the feel of my cock with every single step that you take."

3. I grabbed her thigh and pushed it up to her stomach so I could fill her deeper. I thrust, our gazes never breaking. My climax hit me hard and the second I came, I threw my head back and released not just my cum into her, but everything I was. MAN. Demon. Fuck up. Protector. Killer. Lover. 
Hers. – Micah 

4. He tightened the arms he had wrapped around me, crushing me to him as if he feared I'd disappear. I could count on one hand the times he'd truly let himself be vulnerable, and this was one of them. If it were possible, I,  woman, vampire, Queen, fell a little bit more in love. -Ella

5.  The mark on my shoulder and breast heated-a silent reaffirmation of our connection. He drew out of my body and pushed inside with a smooth slow slide that stole my breath. Our mouths met and he grabbed my hands, interlocking our fingers. He pinned my arms to the slick wall above my head as he made love to me. With every thrust, he rolled his hips, a sexy rhythm that had me clenching.

"You're mine Ella," he said between hot drugging kisses

Holy Crap Madeline, I think I need a cold shower after reading your quotes. (Maybe new batteries)

Here is a little bit more about DARK SECRETS, available at all your favorite e-retailers on July 11th…

The worst moment of Micah’s life was when Ella nearly died in his arms. Her miraculous recovery should have been the start of their future. Unfortunately, a new demonic heritage, the Shadow Agency’s corruption and Julian, the vampire who turned Ella, are testing their relationship. Despite hotter-than-ever sex and a variety of new places and positions to explore, Micah begins to wonder if a relationship based on lust can survive for more than a few scorching-hot months.

Ella has forgiven, but not forgotten, the fact that Micah once plunged a dagger through her heart. Everything with Micah is passion, excitement and an uncontrollable desire to explore his body in a variety of very satisfying ways. But as buried secrets, ongoing lies and murderous deceptions pile up, Ella is reminded that she and Micah’s relationship was based on a curse. In order to forge a future together, Ella and Micah will have to face down their personal demons—and prove that love and trust are more than just words.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Series Reading Order:
Dark Cravings  (#1 Ella/Micah – 85k)   Dark Cravings
Dark Innocence (#1.5 Hannah – 45k)   Dark Innocence
Dark Secrets (#2 Ella/Micah – 85k)     Dark Secrets

Dark Vengeance (#2.5 Castro – 45k) – release date coming soon!
Dark Promises (#3 Ella/Micah) – Spring 2015

Madeline Pryce wrote her first novel when she was ten, penned with neon-pink ink in a loose-leaf binder. Captivated by romantic literature, yet intrigued by the paranormal, she continues to develop her own voice, writing the kinds of stories that inspired her as a teen.

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So if you haven't read any of Madeline's books, whatcha' waitin' for???? Start with her Dark series today, just click on a link to get your book. Oh and check out Madeline's blog for more of her great books.
Thanks for being here today Madeline, it was so much fun.

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