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Jordan Ashley's Now or Never Cover Reveal!!!!

Are you ready for Jordan Ashley's Now or Never book 3 in her Club Aries series Cover Reveal????

Title: Now or Never
Author:  Jordan Ashley
Series: Club Aries Book 3
Publication Date: July 30, 2014
Publisher: Siren Publishing

Travis Holt was a driven man, focusing on his budding career within Franklin Construction, climbing to the top of the corporate ladder as he pursued his dream of eventually leaving Club Aries behind him.  His life was finally coming together after eight years of dancing on stage, but he didn’t count on the blonde bombshell known as Katie Jacobs disrupting that one way track into something he hadn’t foreseen.

Katie was reckless and impulsive, but the background check she had her father perform to make certain Travis wasn’t some rapist unleashed a chain of events that saw Katie being kidnapped. Travis then races against the deadline given by gang members associated with Teryl Davis.  He has to come to terms with his issues with Katie’s father to rescue her and confess that he wasn’t ever letting her go.

Do you need to get the first two books, All The Difference and Chivalry Isn't Dead?

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Jordan has shared some fun facts:
Fun Fact 1: You get to meet two more members of the family, Sebastian and Shawn, mechanic friends of Travis’ who’ll get their own books later down the line. 

Fun Fact 2: Book three ties into book two with the bad guys.  It can read as a standalone but to fully understand the scope of what the boys talk about, it’s best to read book two. 

Fun Fact 3: I had the most fun writing this couple together.  They made me crack up laughing at the weirdest points in the book.  Travis has so much humor in him, and it’s dry humor – exactly like my soul mate. 

Fun Fact 4: There’s a scene in the book that shows Katie’s phobia.  It’s both hilarious and heart-warming, and was inspired by an actual event. 

Fun Fact 5: I hadn’t realized until writing the first cookout scene in the book that I had completely forgotten about Nicholas in Chivalry Isn’t Dead.  He’s back in book three : ) 

Fun Fact 6: Once you get to book four, you’ll see some events from book three in Vincent and Mallory’s perspective.

Author's Bio:

Jordan Ashley lives in a tourist trap near the lake in Ohio where the winters are like a ghost town and colder than she cares for, and the summers are crowded and the traffic sucks.

A divorced mom of three children, cat owner to a spoiled rotten Mainecoon, and soul mate to a self proclaimed werewolf, she spends most of her time devoted to them. As a teenager before the ‘hellions’ were born she found these voices in her head that just wouldn’t quiet and so began her love for writing. She listened to every word and finished her first novel before she was eighteen. She didn’t embrace her ‘naughty’ side until her marriage began to get rocky and suddenly many other options existed for her writing.

She found comfort in these new worlds that opened up before her, and found an outlet in them during the harshest parts of the separation. Now that her dream of being published has been brought to reality she cannot wait to reveal all these crazy characters to the masses, hoping they will love them as much as she does.

Jordan’s passion is her writing, but she also enjoys getting lost in fantastic worlds on TV. Her favorites include Game of Thrones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. She is inspired by people in her life, and situations she or her friends find themselves in. She also has a secret (not so secret) addiction to Facebook and coffee – which she takes in 16oz mugs with inspirational quotes on them.

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